Piers Morgan hammers Prince Harry and Meghan, the ‘delusional duchess’


Piers Morgan, who lost his hosting job in Britain over criticism of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, obliterated them on Tucker Carlson’s show. He said he was right not to believe them. There were at least 17 lies during their interview with Oprah.

Mostly, he was concerned about the cancel culture that cost him his job over his free speech.

“What I was witnessing was the most extraordinarily disingenuous smear, hit job, on the Royal family, on the Queen, on the monarchy, and frankly on Britain, my country,” he said.

“I went on air on Monday morning with full bells on and said quite clearly that I didn’t believe what Meghan Markle was saying. Here we are a month later and frankly, I’ve had plenty of time to think about this – I still don’t believe any of what they were saying.”

He continued, “Seventeen different claims by the pair of them have now been proven to be either completely untrue, or massively exaggerated, or unprovable. I don’t understand why I should have to believe people who are not telling the truth.”

In the Oprah interview, Meghan claimed that she was denied access to mental health care when she was feeling suicidal because she was told it “wouldn’t look good for the institution.” Morgan on Monday demanded that the duchess substantiate that claim by revealing who allegedly denied her care.

“You’re accusing two people in the palace of being unspeakably cruel simply to protect the brand of the Royal family, if that is true let’s have the names of these people, and let’s go to them and ask them is this true,” he stated.

“Did you tell a suicidal woman, who told you she was suicidal, not to get help? – because I find that impossible to believe.”

Morgan also took aim at the racism allegations and reminded that Harry himself was forced to apologize after using a racial slur against a Pakistani army officer in 2006.

Speaking to Oprah, Meghan alleged that someone in ‘The Firm’ expressed “concerns” about “how dark” Archie’s skin would be before he was born because she is mixed-race and Harry is white.

Morgan asserted that Meghan was “accusing the Queen and the Monarchy and the institution as being racist” – adding: “We don’t know the context, we don’t know what was said.”

Morgan said the question about Archie’s skin color could have been “innocent” if it was based on mere curiosity. He acknowledged, however, that if the question were “loaded with a sense of derogatory tone or concern, then it becomes racism.”

He further said that Meghan’s suggestion that Archie was barred from becoming a prince because of concerns about his skin color was “completely untrue.”

“It’s not just a sense of her lived experience being untrue, it is factually incorrect. That boy was never going to be a prince until Prince Charles, Harry’s father, becomes king on the death of the Queen,” Morgan said.

“And that’s gonna happen whatever the skin color of Archie’s mother, that’s set-in-stone – it’s been the case for 100 years.”

“So for Meghan Markle to try and create a story that says that the decision to not make Archie the title of prince was based on his skin color is a lie.”

Morgan said he couldn’t be sure whether Meghan was “deliberately lying,” but said he does not care.

“It’s not really about Meghan Markle -she’s a delusional duchess who wants to make millions off the royals while trashing family – It’s really about free speech,” he said.

“What happened to me is happening all over Britain and America – I can take it, but there are many people who don’t have our platform who are being wiped out, lives destroyed, careers ended for ridiculous things.”


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