Pizza Hut Wants Your Kids to Know America’s Racist


Pizza Hut Foundation plans to teach your children that America is a terrible racist country when they’re not destroying the reputation of pizza with their poor imitation of pizza, David Greenfield informs us.

If you saw this in the street, you’d step over it with a look of repulsion.

They’re helping create training materials for the classroom that teaches little 10-year olds that they should dwell on the dreary question of “How often have you thought about your race in the last 24 hours?”

They also have pamphlets claiming that by “6 months, babies notice racial differences” and that 4-year-olds “show signs of racial bias.”

The Empowering Educators Toolbox presented by the Pizza Hut Foundation urges teachers to tell their students that everyone is defined by race, that “everyone has a racial identity”, and that race defines American life.

You must believe America is built on slavery and genocide, neither of which is true in any way. Not to minimize the evil of slavery in the early 1800s but what about the trafficking and sex slavery we are importing across our open borders. In fact, Biden’s regime is a cartel ally.

In other words, white people are evil racists and the founding of this country was built on racism. They probably don’t mention the Southern slave owners were Democrats. The Jim Crow purveyors were Democrats, and you had to be a Democrat to join the KKK.

MLK Jr. is now just a statue and his values are destroyed by companies like craptastic Pizza Hut that make your kids unhealthy and fat.

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