PM Trudeau’s Personal Security Resigns, Refuses to Execute Unlawful Orders


Corporal Buford of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has resigned from his role as personal security for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He said he will no longer execute unlawful orders. Judging from the way the police have reacted towards the truckers, many of them agree.

“I have drawn my line in the sand. No more silence and compliance from me.” He said there is no justification for the limitation on their rights, including that of mobility and privacy.

He read off the rights Canadians have that are being violated. Corporal Buford is incredibly honorable. As he read the oath of office he took when he accepted his position, he was passionate and emotional. He blasted Trudeau.

The Charters of Rights and Freedoms in Canada and oath of office of the Mounted Police: We will not walk in fear of each other…..

“Freedom from Fear. Canadians take up the Torch for Freedom As Americans quake in fear because of the geriatric tyrants and Fauci cultists in Washington.”

You have to hear him out and pray we get some leaders like this:

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