Police Allow Portland Antifa to Direct Traffic, Abuse Motorists


Portland police, operating in cahoots with the media, allowed Antifa to direct traffic and bully drivers. The dopes in Antifa then took video of themselves abusing motorists.

Activists protesting the police shooting of Patrick Kimmons in Portland got into ugly clashes with motorists over the weekend as they marched through the street, at one point confronting a driver who tried to turn through the crowd, Daily Mail reported.

Resident Andy Ngo tweeted his frustration: This is the type of street anarchy that routinely happens where I live. Here is video from 6 Oct showing Antifa directing traffic in downtown & threatening people who don’t obey with violence. Mayor , who really runs this town?

Mr. Ngo linked to this video.


One elderly man decided he wasn’t going to obey Antifa orders and drove down a street they blocked. They took down his license plate number and then doxxed him, putting his home address on social media. The Portland Resistance then lied and said he “ran over” protesters.

Here is a video of the elderly man who wouldn’t obey Antifa. As you can see, he’s the one being abused.

Mr. Ngo tweeted an update via KOIN news: The elderly man called police & filed a report after the incident. The person who made contact with the front of the car has not. And police basically said they didn’t get involved to protect first amendment rights.


Taking over the streets is a First Amendment right? Not in this country!

Antifa [Portland’s Resistance] tweeted that: some people are upset about the fact that we asked for help identifying the man who ran over protesters in Portland and then upon getting that help, identified him. For that we would like to sincerely say, you’re welcome. Make racists afraid again ✊



An observer named George tweeted that is not what happened. He said the elderly man’s car was surrounded by the mob smashing his car with batons while he was just trying to escape.

Sarcasm responded: I wouldn’t call that “plowing” but if you’re going to block traffic expect to be used as a road bump. It comes with the territory. The obvious escapes the snowflakes often…

David said: Is anyone surprised that when standing in the middle of the road the likelihood of being struck by a vehicle goes up…..? you may have more people join your cause if you stop pissing off everyday citizens minding their own business… just a thought.

Guy said: From here it looked like the driver was the victim. I believe in protest, but not intimidation of other individuals who just happen by.

Others tweeted:

The driver is the victim. Stop showing your bias.

You may want to rethink who is the victim.

Protesters should not be allowed to walk freely in the streets. It’s ridiculous and they should all be cited.

Another tweeter in response: I thought Seattle was bad…then I got transferred to this hell hole. The mayor lets this happen…because the mayor is a lunatic. Police are often given stand down orders…as was the car over the ICE office. This really needs to stop.

If they want it to stop, they have to vote Republican or someone will make road kill out of these little creeps.

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5 years ago

Mobs or Jobs….it’s our choice….vote

5 years ago


herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Abusing freedoms is the new norm.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

Guess their sicko mayor will be voted in again???