Sen. Paul Warns “There’s Going to Be an Assassination”, Mentions Booker


Sen. Rand Paul has been victimized himself several times and is very concerned that the bitterly partisan fighting could lead to an assassination by one of the many unhinged people being riled up by the media and some politicians.

“I fear that there’s going to be an assassination,” Paul told a Kentucky radio show. “I really worry that somebody is going to be killed, and that those who are ratcheting up the conversation … they have to realize they bear some responsibility if this elevates to violence.””

Paul’s wife, Kelley told Breitbart News in an interview last Friday that she sleeps with a “loaded gun by my bed”. He has also updated her home’s security system and has “deadbolts all around my house.”

Kelley also wrote an op-ed published by CNN in which she called on Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. [Spartacus], to tone down his rhetoric.

Booker, mimicking Maxine Waters, suggested in July that his supporters “get up in the face of congresspeople.”

The Kentucky senator added on Tuesday, “When people like Cory Booker say get up in their face … What he doesn’t realize is that for every 1,000 persons who want to get up in your face, one of them is going to be unstable enough to commit violence,” Paul said.

Mrs. Paul’s interview with Mike Huckabee:


Speaking at the National Conference on Ending Homelessness, the New Jersey Democrat, Cory Booker, declared a “call to action”.

“Before I end,” he said, “that’s my call to action here. Please don’t just come here today and then go home. Go to the Hill today. Get up and please get up in the face of some congresspeople.”

In September, Booker called for revolution. He quoted Thomas Jefferson, saying, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

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