‘Police are dangerous’ Goroff forgot to tell us she’s a 1%er, one of the elites



‘Scientist’ [classroom teacher at a university] Nancy Goroff is challenging one of the few Republicans left in Suffolk County Long Island — Rep. Lee Zeldin a law and order advocate. She hopes to defund the police and release criminals here in Suffolk, although she tried to walk that back. Her views on all issues are far-left so you would think she’d let us know she is one of the 1% with a stash of more than $25 million she forgot to mention in her literature.

She is an elitist running against everyman.

How does an $80,000 a year teacher accrue a fortune?

She recently loaned her campaign a million dollars and failed to disclose these financial details, potentially a House ethics violation.

Goroff did not report the underlying holdings in those accounts, which runs afoul of congressional disclosure rules designed to safeguard against conflicts of interest. We don’t know what she is tied to and why she would keep it secret.

One has to know if she has invested in companies that could influence her behavior in Congress.

Goroff narrowly won a victory in the primary and if it wasn’t for all those absentee ballots, she would have lost.

She is far left on every issue. Goroff is extreme on the environment, healthcare, and agreed with Nancy Pelosi’s socialist wish list in response to coronavirus. She wants no-bail reform and she supports taxpayer-funded stimulus checks to illegal aliens throughout the country.

Her views on law enforcement are as extreme as they can get.

In the least, Goroff is a socialist.

Law Enforcement Is  Dangerous

Goroff told supporters in August law enforcement is “dangerous.” She said, “We have to build up our social safety net to make sure we are addressing all of those issues [of criminal justice inequalities]. Those are underlying problems of what makes the police so damaging or dangerous for people of color in so many instances.”


That is not true of Suffolk County Police. I live here and that’s a smear.

Defund the Police?

She now denies wanting to defund the police, but the person holding the sign looks exactly like her and she doesn’t have a twin. Goroff will not reject rioting and looting.

To the doubters, Suffolk PBA wrote: Our post is 100% accurate. Nancy was asked point blank, why she hasn’t publicly condemned the rioting, looting and violence against police. Her answer was exactly as written above. With brake lines being cut on police cars and violent attacks on police, it is unthinkable any person running for congress would take such a position, no less a person running in a district where so many brave NYPD officers live.
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The rich, rich, rich, academic wants bureaucrats — social service workers — to answer some calls. They’re the ‘experts,’ according to her, not the police. It doesn’t get much more radical than that.

Goroff says this isn’t her but after checking her fingers and nails in the other photo below, along with her hair, eyes, the bridge of her nose, and glasses, we conclude it is her and she’s a liar. She’s even wearing the same type of necklace in both photos:

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