Denver victim shadowed by news crew while another incited the victim, set up for a story?


The unlicensed security guard who shot and killed Lee Keltner in Denver was allegedly hired to protect a News9 reporter via Pinkerton. Pinkerton, however, said it does not employ Dolloff – Pinkerton did not share the name Dolloff’s employer.

Another curiosity: The photojournalist was so ready that she caught the casing leaving the gun. the news crew appeared to stalk the victim and the man in the black shirt seemed like a professional agitator. Were they doing this to get a story?

It now looks like the news team and Dolloff shadowed the victim — Mr. Keltner — while another man tried to incite him. An argument ensued. All were ready for the story. As or after Dolloff pulled his gun – it appears that happened first — Keltner maced him.


The news crew followed or stalked Mr. Keltner:

Dolloff appears to have drawn his weapon first. It looks like the man in the black shirt shadowed him, deliberately inciting him as the news crew followed him around and Dolloff kept his gun handy. The camera was ready.


The Denver Police spread the false claim that their “investigation” showed Dolloff was not a left-wing radical, not Antifa, nor Black Lives Matter. We know that is not exactly true since his social media shows he’s very far-left and full of hate for everything right. He supports antifa, BLM, is an Occupy activist, and an all-around radical.

The Keltner family plans to sue and must ask an attorney to demand they keep all records related to this event immediately. Right-wing haters at @9news including @jeremyjojola and @ZackNewsMan need to be investigated for affiliations with the far-left. We need to Dolloff’s employer.

Denver Police will possibly try to cover this up. They found two guns at the scene — who owned them?

Watch this sympathetic BS that was tweeted by 9News (can anyone believe a word they say):

Mr. Dolloff’s attorney said he acted in self-defense.


9News, updated their story, explaining Dolloff doesn’t work for Pinkerton but was working for someone as a security guard without a license.

Denver7 also reported they have also used Pinkerton for security and have learned Dolloff was at the U.S. Senate debate hosted by the T.V. station on Friday.

They issued this new statement:

So, NBC affiliate 9News doesn’t contract directly and they use Pinkerton but Pinkerton didn’t hire Matthew Dolloff. They don’t have a Dolloff listed as an employee. So, who hired Dolloff and why? Why did the police say he is a security guard working for someone — who?

Tucker said 9News is pro-Antifa:

The Keltner family has a GoFundMe page:


Dolloff drew his gun and Keltner then maced him:



  1. Sounds like a LOT of people are in trouble. The video by 9News sure is “whitewashing” this Brian Loma. His YouTube channel is “Cut the Plastic”. Immediately after the Murder this “concerned citizen” began viciously confronting the police. This is the moment he captures the murder and shortly afterwards is when Police directs everyone to exit the area. That is when “Brian Loma” goes ballistic.

  2. I assume the “two guns” mentioned by the police include the weapon Keltner had holstered. They would remove Both guns from the scene, even though Keltner never took his out.

  3. This is a great report I cannot find elsewhere.

    It could have been a set up but it didn’t go as planned. Maybe the victim was expected to draw his gun and get killed in the act. Maybe the second gun is fake evidence to show that the victim pulled his and the murderer defended himself. When the officer said there were 2 guns on the scene I felt deception in his expression. So what if the victim had a gun, it was in his holster. For the officer to mention something not involved in the crime is deceptive. The victim did not insert his gun into the holster after being fatally shot. Doloff destroyed himself over this. Some officials would be incredibly reckless to try to cover this up.

  4. CLEARLY Doloff drew his gun FIRST,{& possibly was pulling Keltner’s gun out of Keltner’s vest just before shooting Keltner}; AND!
    The FACT that an eye witness, (female), should be able to explain the 2nd gun on the ground is pretty significant…(it was VERY LIKELY Keltner’s gun)…
    Another significant FACT is that the witness was standing still enough to get the picture of the flying brass out of Doloff’s pistol…OBVIOUSLY she CLEARLY was watching the entire event, so SHOULD have the best [slow motion] view of the shooting…

    ALSO CLEARLY, is the FACT that there were Police within 6 or 8 feet of BOTH men JUST before, & s, Doloff fired, as AS Keltner sprayed towards Dololff…AND!

    LAST! But certainly NOT LEAST, there’s the POLICE STORY…(and “self defence” is a VERY QUESTIONABLY strained excuse)…

    This SHOULDN’T be too difficult an event to determine the who, & what, & how, of the actions…BUT! The WHY may be something to difficult to determine…seeing as how there are at LEAST 4 story’s involved…

    • It’s already been shown the person photographing, Helen …, is lying about the incident. Her Instagram post detailing the incident left out certain photographic evidence, seen elsewhere, that contradicted her story.

  5. I question how typical is it that their producer, Zack Newman, uses a Cellphone for their videos. And also, WHY are there NO indications that producer is “Press”. To a Patriot group all THIS looks like a staged Antifa event. My assumption IS, that is what was intended. We now know that news organization, 9News, does have personnel who reflect Antifa ideology, specifically referring to opponents as Nazis.

  6. By the way, Where THE HELL is Director Wray, and his “just an idea” crap. Does it have to reach “real” Covid deaths before he will realize what is going on in this country.

    It wasn’t long after the Inauguration, and the media frenzy creating hate and division, that I wrote a comment to the WHCA page about how the media is creating an environment of hostility. I also said the result would be death in the streets. If this doesn’t stop it will eventually turn into an all out civil war. Needless to say, the comment must have been offensive to their eyes because within 10 minutes it was deleted. So much for their “mission is to ensure a free press and robust coverage…”.

  7. I guess the lying reporter is from the Denver Post, Helen Richardson. I believe it was the Denver Post who updated their story, in compliance to some State Senator, and removed the original that was more factual.

  8. So NOW the organizer of the Patriot rally has been banned from Facebook. It sounds like this might have occurred AFTER the Tucker interview.

  9. Don’t worry the comrades will turn on their enablers. Useful idiot status works both ways.
    Fake newz and teevee are right out of the devil’s workshop.

  10. That little worthless excuse of a BLM supporter needs to be hunted down and arrested ! Clearly instigating, talking tough, then even celebrating someones death which could easily be seen that he instigated his death.

  11. Is it really reasonable to think the Denver Police will cover things up, given that this was at a pro-police rally event? Well, I guess anything is possible these days….

  12. There are two frames missing from the 9News sequence. Dolloff seems to be the fastest draw in the west because of it. Look at the time from the gun appearing to Keltner’s mace to Dolloff shot fired. No one is that fast, sorry. Some are speculating that the removed frames show Dolloff rapidly racking the slide on his pistol to chamber a round which is a clear sign of intent to shoot.

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