Police release graphic bodycam footage of CHAZ/CHOP murder


Seattle police released the graphic video footage of the shooting murder in CHAZ/CHOP, the new country in downtown Seattle, which is approved by Mayor Jenny. Attorney General Bill Barr was on Sunday Morning Futures today and said he’s “watching” the situation. Maybe it’s time to tell the mayor she can’t allow rogue countries to pop up in her city? How about the governor? Does he know what’s going on yet?

Two men were shot. One of them, a 19-year-old, later died. The second victim remains in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center. Currently, police have no leads and no suspects.

You can watch the full clip from the bodycams on this link.

Here is some of the police footage, but it’s graphic (you couldn’t pay me enough to do what these officers have to do):

Fox News reported on it:

Police were kept from helping the two men by an unruly crowd. Two paramedics ran away for their own safety:

The firefighters couldn’t go in until the police came to escort them because of the mob. Rapper/warlord Simone is blaming the fire department:

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