Police sent to spy on NYC Jews to make sure no one’s praying


Andrew Cuomo and his frenemy Bill de Blasio are blaming the Jews for the spread of the Coronavirus in New York City. He’s locking down everything in the Jewish communities, destroying their livelihoods, and keeping them from worshipping.

Are Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio targeting Jews? Spoiler, yes they are.


An Orthodox Jewish man in a New York City community, Mr. David Shor, explained on Twitter what Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are doing to the Jewish community.

March and April were bad

He explained that he is only describing what is going on in New York City.  In March and April, the Orthodox Jewish community was hit hard by Coronavirus, and the residents voluntarily locked down before any orders to do so.

As the virus goes around again, they aren’t hit as hard. They know better how to protect themselves, many have already had it, and they know more about treatments.  He admitted that like every community, some people aren’t careful and they’re crazy.

He wrote, “Regardless, the situation isn’t anywhere near what it was in March-April, so naturally people don’t see the need for another lockdown. They don’t want their lives disrupted — when the rationale isn’t there.”

They’re singling out Jewish areas

“That’s especially true when you consider the fact that they’re being singled out. Unlike the first time around, these restrictions are being tailored for specific communities. When New York State reopened, it happened by ‘region’, but now they’ve changed the rules of the game.”

“Then there’s the presentation of the new restrictions. Cuomo lied to the Jewish leaders/Rabbis. He got them to agree on something reasonable, only to hours-later announce something very radical. It was a bait and switch.”

Mr. Shor stated, “In fact, Cuomo’s first proclamation on the uptick of cases came on the high holiday of Yom Kipur. His disregard for the community he was supposedly talking to and caring for — could not be any clearer.”

He continued, “While it’s true that our communities experienced an uptick in cases, it’s not out of control, and it won’t get out of control for the factors mentioned above. We may have been the first to have such high infection rates, but we’ll also be the first to have them lowered once more.”

“The numbers are already lower. The virus caught us again by surprise, just as it caught every other community/region be surprise. But now it’s under control. Obviously, we must remain vigilant and cautious, but there’s no reason for panic and lockdowns.”

They don’t want their liberties taken away

Mr. Shor wrote, “It’s, therefore, no wonder that Orthodox Jews don’t want to have their religious liberties taken away — when life and its liberties can resume and survive.”

“Orthodox Jews also don’t want to be living in a ghetto again, where different rules are tailored for their community. You just need to listen to Cuomo & De Blasio, to hear how their color-coded neighborhoods are all about the Jews. Never again is never again.”

“Cuomo & De Blasio weren’t there for us when we were being beaten and slaughtered in the streets and synagogues of New York (late 2019-early 2020), but now they claim to care. The community’s reaction is “No thanks”.

“Then they said they didn’t have the personnel to protect us. Somehow now they have all the personnel necessary to shutter our synagogues and schools. We are in a dire situation, but not as a result of a health risk, rather as a result of the trampling of our god-given liberties.”

Mr. Shor is correct. It is outrageous the abuse they took at the hands of criminals simply because they’re Jewish. De Blasio especially wouldn’t enforce the law.

In conclusion

“To conclude,” Mr. Shor stated, “We care for life more than Cuomo does. Much more. He’s responsible for the lost lives of thousands. But we also care for our liberties — especially our religious liberties. And Orthodox Jews aren’t about to give Cuomo control over the well-being. Period.

The Catholic League is also blasting de Blasio and Cuomo. They’re tyrants.

The two tyrants allow maskless riots and then there’re the kids:

The tyrants are destroying New York:

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