Polish MPs protest for Australia’s human rights! It’s “MADNESS”


Polish MPs protested for Australia’s human rights outside the Australian embassy. “The whole world sees what is happening in Australia. Australia has contracted Covid madness.”

As the spokesperson says in the clip, if we look at “North Korea we know how totalitarianism and communism can end.”


What’s “the difference between totalitarianism and the quasi version of democracy” we see in Australia,” he asks. Australia is not a democracy, he affirms.

“Australia’s police oppress, harass, and attack peaceful citizens by depriving them of their fundamental freedoms and civil liberties,” he continued. It’s “harder to call it anything other than madness…”

He reviewed some of the absurd rules and said, “this is how totalitarianism is born. In our eyes, these are not conspiracy theories.”



Americans, especially communist Democrats, might want to pay attention to what is happening in Australia. At some point, even locking up 600 people who mostly just ‘paraded’ in the Capitol won’t be enough to frighten justifiably angry people into submission. Leftists think they can continue to flood the country with anonymous people, many of whom are dangerous, steal our money, and destroy all our pillars of society, without any blowback.

There will be a reckoning and it won’t be pretty.

Meanwhile, keep your eyes on Australia.

Australia, currently under authoritarian rule, is mostly in total lockdown, unfortunately, with the majority of the population backing it. It hasn’t stopped the virus, but is it about the virus?

Australians are protesting daily. They now live in a police state, and many have had enough.

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Get Off My Lawn
Get Off My Lawn
2 years ago

They did turn in their guns after a false flag shooting that was right out of central casting productions.
Countries like Poland and Hungary get it right because they can’t take in the world and supply free milk and honey with limited resources.
Meanwhile in America people prattle on about muh oppression while enjoying one of the highest standards of living in the world.
No, we don’t have an after lunch siesta or five weeks of paid leave but it is the only place where even the poor are obese with a sailfawn (cellphone), extra big ass teevee and some kind of vehicle, not to mention multiple government milk and honey programs for rent, groceries, utilities, school, and other forms of assistance.