Political party with outcomes of high-crime, homelessness, riots are ‘bad at governing’


Cities with massive levels of homelessness, high-crime, and have little interest in quelling historic riots are run by one party. The only conclusion one can come to is they are bad at governing.

Democrats engage dishonestly on the issue of ‘protests.’ Take Senator Hirono and Rep. Nadler who insist riots don’t exist or it’s only a very small number of rioters. Speaker Pelosi has condemned those who criticize the ‘peaceful protesters,’ who are anything but, while other Democrats call for more of the same. The media hides the deception. None stop it and they refuse to for political expediency.


The unrestrained rioters — in fact, the heavily promoted rioters — threatened to burn down the building in which people looked out their windows:

They also broke into the Police Union hall, their latest target, and set it aflame a second time:

Fires everywhere:



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