Politico prepares us for a Dem Senate & it’s terrifying


Politico reported that the people who will run the Senate if Democrats win will include Bernie Sanders and other Progressives.

Potential committee chairs include 79-year-old Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) at Budget; 80-year-old Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) at Appropriations; 87-year-old Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) at Judiciary; Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) at Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Mark Warner (D-Va.) at Intelligence; and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) at Foreign Relations.

All of them are far-left, but Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy especially are socialists. They are not liberals.

Democrats, now Progressives, will begin by “rolling back many of the Trump administration’s actions — on everything from climate change to immigration, health care, and taxes. And Democrats, likely with a fellow party member in the Oval Office, would push their own progressive agenda, including oversight of tech giants, infrastructure, energy, and environmental programs.”

Expect open borders and the end of fracking, coal, and oil.

According to the report, Menendez will rebuild the State Department, Wyden will roll back tax cuts. Feinstein is in trouble with the far-left progressives over her handling of the Amy Coney Barrett hearing and the progressives will be in charge. They might want her out. They could  dump her and replace her with Dick Durbin or Sheldon Whitehouse. Sheldon is the one who wants to prosecute energy officials for allegedly hiding climate change.

Most concerning is communist Bernie Sanders , who pretends he’s a liberal. He will be in charge of the budget.

Politico finds Bernie Sanders in charge of our budget to be fascinating.

This is a fascinating scenario, Politico writes. The most liberal senator and former White House hopeful, a lawmaker who has long espoused the dramatic expansion of the federal government’s role in average Americans’ lives, is set to take over the Budget Committee gavel. Yet the federal deficit topped $3 trillion this year and is the largest since World War II, and the U.S. economy remains in tatters due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bernie doesn’t think a 90% tax rate is too much. We have him saying that on tape.

Sanders wants to reshape the focus of the Budget panel. “We’d create a budget that works for working families, and not the billionaire class,” Sanders said in a brief interview when asked about his agenda if he took over as chair. And if Schumer and the Democrats don’t get rid of the filibuster, Sanders’ committee would be involved in crafting reconciliation bills, allowing a potential Biden administration to push tax and spending bills through the Senate on a simple-majority vote.

They are planning for big time wealth redistribution.

However, if Biden wins, Sanders might not be in the Senate for long. Politico reported that Sanders has expressed interest in becoming Labor secretary in a possible Biden administration. But that’s far from certain, especially because Vermont’s Republican governor, Phil Scott, would be able to appoint a temporary replacement to Sanders’ seat.

Globalist, Big Tech Senator Cantwell

Maria Cantwell, a former tech industry executive, now in her fourth term, is in line to take over the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee if Democrats are victorious. Cantwell, of Washington state, is cautious about efforts to rein in Big Tech, or break up Google, Amazon or Facebook, and she wants to hear more on antitrust concerns surrounding the tech giants.

“I don’t care who’s in charge next time, I’m going to be talking about how we realize that we’re in an information age and we prepare for the future,” Cantwell said in an interview. “We have a president that basically is ignoring the fact, just like along with the pandemic, instead of realizing we’re in a global economy and an information age and we need to make some adjustments to make sure there are rules in the marketplace and that you invest in job training and education and disruption techniques — smoothing out disruptions.”

Cantwell added: “But I’m a believer we live in this age, not that you can deny it or put your head in the sand. So I don’t care who’s in charge, we’re going to focus on that.”

If you think Big Tech is a problem now, wait until she’s in charge.

Sherrod Brown wants more ‘free’ housing.

“First thing: We do a major emergency rental assistance. I mean it’s all about housing. The word housing has essentially been left out of that committee the last three or four years. So it’s all about that,” he said.

Brown clashed with Banking Committee Chair Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) and moderate Banking Committee Democrats in 2018 over efforts to weaken Dodd-Frank, the devastatingly bad financial regulatory bill. Brown lost that fight, but he won’t lose many more as chair.

Patrick Leahy is another die-hard socialist. Leahy would ascend to the helm of the Appropriations panel.

Patty Murray, a far-left, unintelligent woman, would take control of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, the principal health care panel in the Senate. With the issue dominating recent elections — including this year’s cycle — the Washington state Democrat would be the face of the party’s efforts to protect and expand on the Affordable Care Act. She will put in a public option, offer it to everyone, and that will be the end of private health insurance.

Politico reports that if Biden wins the White House, the Justice Department will likely drop its effort to invalidate the 2010 law in court, and Biden will work with Senate Democrats to develop a plan that vastly expands Obamacare, including the likely addition of a public option, Politico writes.

We also know that AOC has had a role in formulating Biden’s Green New Deal policy which is a freaking disaster.

The House will be just as bad with the Squad in charge.

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