Politico ‘reporter’ rushed to put out fake 9/11 commission news


A letter, allegedly from the US Capitol Police Office, was released by a Politico reporter and sent around the Internet without any verification.  The reporter deleted her tweet when it was determined to be fake, but she’s still tweeting the letter, now claiming it’s from members of the police.

The Story

Politico reporter, Olivia Beavers, corrected herself and said it came unofficially from members, but we have no reason to believe her and haven’t seen the evidence.

When her first fake news scoop turned out to be a fraud, she posted the letter was from members of the Capitol Hill Police who are upset with GOP leaders Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell for refusing to support the Democrat commission investigating the riot of January 6th [this would be at least the third committee to discuss the riot].

There are undoubtedly some who feel that way, just as there are others who don’t. This was a nothing story from the start, but it took an even more suspicious turn when we found out where it came from [see below].

It came from radical Leftist, Jamie Raskin. You can’t get much further Left than him. He’s also not trustworthy.

The USCP made it clear that they do not take positions on legislation.

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