Politifact, Facebook, Kellyanne Conway all attack never Trumper’s Lincoln Project ad


Facebook says the ‘Mourning In America’ ad put up by the Never Trumpers Bill Kristol, Mr. Kellyanne Conway, racist Rick Wilson, and other Trump haters, is false. It was fact-checked with a warning that the ad contained false information. The left and fake conservative never Trumpers are fighting the designation. They are fighting the very rules they put in place. Kellyanne Conway was asked about it and slammed them as well.


PolitiFact faulted The Lincoln Project for singling out Trump for problems with the program when “virtually all congressional Democrats” also supported it. The legislation was approved by the House by a 419-6 vote. The Senate backed it in a 96-0 vote.

Facebook wrote that the ad included “partly false information” based on checks by independent fact-checkers.

The Lincoln Project ad comes with a warning.

It doesn’t matter to the left. They are sending in wads of cash donations. They love Republican traitors.


The leftists are angry that the rules they pushed for apply to them and are trying to get the warning label removed.

The Facebook warning argues there is partly false information within the ad, which rips Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. The company cites a Politifact article for the reason they put up the warning. The article says a line in the ad, “Trump bailed out Wall Street, but not Main Street,” is false.

The group says QAnon is attacking and they want a hearing.

The conversations with Facebook started on Thursday, when the warning label was added, and have continued into Friday.

A Facebook spokesman declined to comment for this story. The company’s fact-checking policies state that if a group is successful in its appeal to the third-party organization, the template on the ad will be removed.

“If a rating is successfully corrected or disputed, the demotion on the content will be lifted, associated ad disapprovals may be lifted, and the strike against the Page or domain will be removed,” Facebook’s website says.

Actually, everything in the ad is false. Imagine how bad the bias has to be for Politifact to call something on the left, partly false.


Kellyanne Conway blasted the project and the group that founded it. Her husband is a very visible member of the group.

On Thursday, the White House counselor slammed The Lincoln Project.

She made the remarks during an at-times testy interview on Fox News with host Harris Faulkner, who asked her to address this week’s public feud between President Donald Trump and The Lincoln Project over the ad released by the Republican group. Faulkner also quoted from George Conway’s op-ed published Wednesday in The Washington Post in which he said that Trump’s “narcissism” renders him unable to perform his duties as president under the Constitution and that “he can only act for himself, not for the nation.”

Faulkner added a disclaimer that “this is not about your husband, this is not about your marriage. This is about that group. It just so happens that George Conway wrote this op-ed today.”

“It certainly is about my husband or you would have quoted other people in the group,” Conway fired back.

She went on to criticize the political strategists who run The Lincoln Project as having failed where she had succeeded in electing a president.

They “never achieved what I achieved, which is success as a presidential campaign manager. They all failed,” she said.


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