Poll shows NBA ratings plunging! Did someone say ‘shut up and dribble?’


Nearly 40 percent of respondents in a new Harris poll said they were watching less basketball because “the league has become too political.”

A Harris poll seemed to back his claims, reporting that 38 percent of nearly 2,000 people chose “The league has become too political” when given 10 choices on why they are watching less basketball. “Boring without fans” said another 28 percent, while 19 percent said it was the NBA’s association with China.

The Hill wants you to believe it’s simply the virus or mostly the virus. They have this shiny object and want you to look over at that.

The virus plays a part, but the media likes to ignore the other reasons. The Hill is ecstatic that 32 percent of fans are actually consuming more basketball this summer, while 28 percent are watching the same amount. If they can afford to lose 40%, fine, but it will get worse.

As the NBA continues to double down on its commitment to social justice causes, we’ll see.

The NBA sung a song about slavery as a national anthem, wear shirts with Marxist social justice messages, and have social justice phrases all over the court.

Lots of luck with that. People want to be free of politics when they are looking for entertainment. It’s way past time for ‘shut up and dribble.’ How about some patriotism and less hate-USA for all to see? The fact that they support the Chinese Communist Party over the USA doesn’t appeal to Americans either.

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