Poll shows success of media-driven propaganda against Trump supporters


Fox News has signed political pollster and commentator Kristen Soltis Anderson as a contributor. She made her first appearance today on Outnumbered. We looked at her polls out of curiosity.

The polls show the media has been successful in demonizing Trump supporters. Democrats’ biggest concern is Donald Trump’s supporters, not Biden’s Antifa or Black Lives Matter. This is all media-driven.

They’re also concerned about white supremacy.

That’s insane.

Republicans are concerned about immigration.

In general, there is a lot of concern about the economic damage from the pandemic.



  1. Face it…their greatest fear is an informed people…The Main sewer Stream fake Media’s ongoing lies and execution of the psychological phase of the “covid” attack and the censorship by their allies in social media attests to their determination and the effect on the “crippled minds” that they have been controlling…

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