78,000 crossed illegally in January, 4,500 daily, it’s only the beginning


A border facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas, reopened the facility to hold children unaccompanied by their parents as they await processing. It was shut down while Trump was in office.

Biden’s press secretary said it’s reopened to comply with pandemic regulations.

Mark Morgan said that is a lie.

“That’s a lie,” says the former acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, Mark Morgan. Morgan. “Those facilities aren’t needed because of COVID. That’s absolutely not true. Those facilities are needed because this administration is now encouraging, incentivizing, and facilitating illegal entry in the United States, and the numbers have skyrocketed,” reports Daily Caller:

Over 78,000 migrants were apprehended while illegally crossing the border in January, Morgan said. Over 3,500 migrants were apprehended daily, though the number is likely closer to 4,500 when accounting for the people who evaded law enforcement officials.

“They’re reinstating catch and release, that’s why these facilities are needed because they’ve created a new crisis,” Morgan said.

Morgan continued, stating that the administration is releasing illegal immigrants into the country and “preventing ICE from lawfully deporting 90% of those that they’re encountering here illegally.”

It’s only going to get worse and the Biden administration is already running out of space to hold them.


The Associated Press also exposes the problem. An internal memo sent Wednesday and obtained by The Associated Press authorizes facility operators to use government funding for transport fees “in the event that a sponsor is not able to pay fees associated with commercial airfare, and a child’s physical release would be otherwise delayed.” HHS declined to say how many flights would be funded.

They are being released into the interior.

HHS has drastically cut its capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly all of the department’s 7,100 beds for immigrant children are full. Meanwhile, Border Patrol agents are apprehending an average of more than 200 children crossing the border without a parent per day.

There is a migrant surge and those costs can sometimes exceed $1,000 per child.

This is only the beginning. It will get much worse.

The administration knows what is going on and they don’t care. They’re catering to the hard-left open borders crowd and you can kiss our Republic goodbye.

Biden is a dictator.


Tucker discussed the disaster we face.

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