Pope Continues His Propaganda Tour for Mass Migration, Trashing Opposition


Pope Francis flew to a regional hub for migrants in Bologna, Italy on Sunday, sermonizing the migrants, who only posed as props, on the pluses of mass invasion while trashing all those who oppose. He first met with migrants he called “fighters of hope”. The Pope and the migrants exploit each other.

It’s part of his one-year ‘Share the Journey’ tour propagandizing mass immigration to the Western world.

He has no idea who these people are and he doesn’t care. They often can’t be vetted and usually have no documentation. Mass migration will completely transform the receiving nations, their culture, their laws, their economics. The Pope has no interest in that, but why is it his right to promote any form of immigration?

Wearing his yellow plastic ID bracelet to show his solidarity with the migrants, most of whom are not refugees but economic or political profiteers, he arrived at a regional hub. He asked them,  “Do you know what you are? You are ‘fighters for hope’!” He urged them not to give in to disappointment or despair.

What hope is he talking about? Altering the character of nations and destroying the sovereignty of the Western World?

The Pope then told the migrants why “some people” don’t want mass migration – they’re nativists and xenophobes who are afraid of the ‘stranger’.


The fear, he said, “finds its explanation in an innate fear of the ‘stranger,’ a fear aggravated by the wounds of the economic crisis,” but also by a lack of careful preparation for welcoming so many people throughout the country.

Sounding naive, he said he saw in the invaders “only a great desire for friendship and assistance.”

He knows better and doesn’t care to hear another opinion. Why is he involved in global immigration and politics? He is supposed to stick with doctrines of faith and morals, not transform the political world.

The U.S. wants an orderly immigration process the citizens agree with instead of lawless immigration. The Pope on the other hand is one of the globalists in the NWO.

He is the collective.

After telling his audience of mayors what a politician is and must do, he urged them to oppose “one-way streets of exasperated individualism” and “the dead ends of corruption,” as well as cities that move at two speeds: the express lanes of the rich and privileged and the barely passable alleys of “the poor and unemployed, large families, immigrants and those who have no one to count on.”

Cities should not be raising walls or towers, he said, but enlarging public squares, giving each person space and helping them “open to communion with others.”

“I understand the discomfort many of your citizens feel with the massive arrival of migrants and refugees,” the pope told the migrants, many of whom lead cities and towns that have welcomed hundreds of people.

Sounding like a communist/globalist, he said, cities and nations need “good politics,” which is a form of governance not enslaved to “individual ambitions or the highhandedness of factions,” he said. Authentic politics promotes collaboration and requires a balance of courage and prudence.

Is this why he wants to transform the West? To install leftism throughout the world?

Then he mentioned the “progressive inclusive” the hard-left in the U.S. also want.

It “increases people’s involvement, their progressive inclusion,” he said, and it “does not leave any category at the margins” nor does it “sack and pollute natural resources — these, in fact, are not a bottomless well but a gift given by God for us to use with respect and intelligence.”

Capitalists are sackers and spoilers?

The social teaching of the Catholic Church sees politics, when motivated by concern for the common good, to be “a noble form of charity,” he said.

Common good is the mantra of the hard-left and it is his as well.

Pope Francis has said it is “necessary for more countries to adopt private and community-based welcoming programs and to open humanitarian avenues for refugees in the most difficult situations, to avoid unbearable waiting periods and lost time.” National security is to take a back seat according to him.

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