Democrat Party Chair Trolls President Trump in Puerto Rico


Democrat Party hack Tom Perez is trolling Donald Trump in Puerto Rico. He arrived yesterday, the day before Trump’s trip to the island and he brought supplies and ten anti-Trump Democrats.

Tom Perez

The left has been blaming the manifold problems in Puerto Rico on the President. The evidence is that the President has done all that is possible but the Democrat Party and their media want to use the dire situation as an indictment of his administration. To further the fake news, Perez went to Puerto Rico.

He didn’t just go to the island territory, he went the day before Trump arrived and brought two planeloads of supplies, essentially trolling him. There are reportedly thousands of trucks filled with supplies already there but the problem has been getting the supplies to the mountainous regions with the roads washed out.

Perez traveled with ten other Democrat lawmakers so they can go back to their districts and pretend Trump isn’t helping Puerto Ricans because of the color of their skin as Bernie Sanders did this past week.

Many of Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million residents remain without power and are in need of food and water in the wake of the storm, which made landfall just under two weeks ago. The island’s infrastructure was devastated. They were directly hit with 175 mph winds, there were surges, and the homes were not built to sustain that kind of brute force. The political situation is very troublesome because of corruption and an uncooperative trucker’s union in Puerto Rico.

Democrats have attacked the President non-stop over his and FEMA’s handling of the crisis with media claiming the response was slow.  The President has defended the response of the First Responders. He said the federal government needs more support from local officials and that there are unique challenges in distributing aid across a disaster zone on an island.

Democrats want to overturn the presidency so much they are willing to sell out the First Responders.

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