Popular Libertarian Changes His Mind, Endorses Donald Trump


The Libertarian Party chose a gay communist as their candidate, and NotTheBee said it’s finishing off the Libertarian Party.

Libertarians have always opposed communism, so this is new. Choosing Oliver makes them look like kooks. Jeremy Kauffman is rejecting the candidate, which is good for his party.

After calling Trump supporters socialists at the convention over the weekend, popular Libertarian Jeremy Kauffman posted that he would be voting for the presumed Republican nominee over Oliver in the election.

[Trump supporters aren’t socialists.]

Kauffman said Oliver is a “gay race communist.”

BLM is a communist anarchist organization funded by Soros, and Oliver is a radical BLM activist.

Nothing Oliver stands for is Libertarian. Are Libertarians becoming commies now?

“Yesterday, I held up this sign calling Donald Trump supporters socialists,” Kauffman said. “Tonight, the Libertarian Party nominated a gay race communist for president. With those choices, I’m standing with Donald Trump.”

He’s received some criticism, but when Libertarians examine Oliver closely, they might change their minds.

Donald Trump’s speech was excellent, and as much as the media tried to tear it apart, they aren’t winning on this. He withstood the boos and the raucous behavior of some.

Libertarians choosing Oliver was crazy.

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