Popular Portland mayoral candidate promotes antifa


The only candidates for mayor of Portland are the incumbent Ted Wheeler and the woman who is in the tight runoff with Wheeler, Sarah Iannarone. He is at 50% and she’s at 49%. No one else comes close. Even if Portland got rid of Wheeler, this is who they would get.

Iannarone condemns violence but the perpetrators were angry and the police were engaged in their own violence, she says.

She is an antifascist and believes that Trump and his supporters are the fascists while she and her buddies in antifa are the actual fascists trying to shut down speech. [Her daughter is reportedly antifa]

Iannarone is against toxic [white] masculinity.

Antifa is not a terrorist organization, she claims. The woman is an apologist for antifa and claims white supremacy is the problem.

The new District Attorney of Portland won’t prosecute riots by antifa and BLM. Between the DA and the mayor and the governor, Oregon is in the loss column.


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