Porny Lawyer & Prez Candidate Avenatti to Face Lawsuit by Playmate


Michael Avenatti, who thinks he can run for President in 2020 and win, will have to face up to a lawsuit by a Playmate after betraying her privacy and costing her hundreds of thousands of dollars in extortion/bribery money — politely called an NDA.

Shera Béchard

Judge Elizabeth Allen White of the Los Angeles Superior Court will allow the lawsuit of Playboy Playmate Shera Béchard to proceed, explaining that Porn lawyer Michael Avenatti may be liable for damages.


The porny lawyer, who has announced plans to possibly run for President in 2020, is alleged to have revealed the existence of a hush agreement between a big Republican donor and his mistress, playmate Shera Béchard.

It has cost Béchard a lot of money. The agreement was made when she became pregnant with Broidy’s child and he paid her to have an abortion and keep silent.

Her lawyer in the matter was Keith Davidson and she alleges he enlisted Michael Cohen to approach Broidy and offer to represent him. Cohen was Davidson’s acquaintance, but she was not told of the relationship.

Broidy and Béchard reached an agreement of $1.6 million, with some of the money coming in installments. When the NDA [nondisclosure agreement] became public, Mr. Broidy stopped the payments.

Béchard says Davidson told Avenatti about the payments and she never gave her permission for the two to leak her private information or even reveal the existence of an agreement.

Avenatti leaked the story and claimed credit.

Béchard has a new lawyer and is suing Broidy, Davidson, and Avenatti for the remaining money and then some.

Avenatti says he will prevail.

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