Portland officials CARE about fires their arsonists didn’t set, this is a joke, right?


“I am working with @JoAnnpdx to ensure Portlanders stay safe and informed during these devastating fires,” Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler actually wrote. He wasn’t joking.

Oregon is in the hands of agents of the far-left. Mayor Ted Wheeler isn’t concerned about the fires antifa and BLM set each night in Portland, but he claims he’s concerned about the forest fires spreading throughout Oregon.

The Oregon governor says the fires are due to climate change. There is NO evidence it is tied to climate change whatsoever.

The officials haven’t done their job in clearing brush and caring for the electrical grid. Those are two of the problems.

Wheeler and Commissioner Hardesty issued a joint statement on how Portlanders can stay safe. They’re a joke.

Hardesty is the one who falsely claimed that Portland Police officers were committing felony arson and blaming protesters. How do you still have confidence in this conspiracy theorist?

“Portland police have consistently lied to the public. They’ve lied to our congressional delegation about whether or not they were coordinating activities with this federal secret police force,” Hardesty said during a webinar hosted by Western States Center, which tracks “extremism” in the Pacific Northwest.

She also helped get a ban on facial recognition and teargas. The officials will do anything to protect the rioters.

All of a sudden, they care about the safety of Portlanders.

Check this out:

There are constant fires in Portland. Here’s one:

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