Obama blames Trump for the fires, suggests you vote Biden or you’ll die


Former President Barack Obama and California Governor Newsom are blaming the fires ripping through California and Oregon on climate change and Donald Trump.

Climate change is a tool the left uses to bring in [Marxist] cultural change. Obama said we have to vote [for Biden] “like your life depends on it.” The media went along with it, saying the fires are caused by climate change WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. They blame President Trump directly.

Obama is a liar and he knows he is.

The left wants you to believe the Paris Accord would have stopped this when all it did was send U.S. tax dollars and resources to underdeveloped nations so they could burn fossil fuels. It was wealth redistribution.

In other words, Obama is saying, if you don’t vote for Biden, you’ll die, as Tucker said sardonically last night.

Problems that cause these horrendous fires include state regulations that prevent deforestation. Also, some of Oregon’s fire-fighting helicopters were sent to Afghanistan.

Then there was the huge gender reveal party that started most of the fires. A pyrotechnic device set off fires that burned about 10,000 acres so far.

California also mismanaged their energy grid so badly, the lights can’t stay on, literally. Somehow, they want to make Trump responsible.


Michael Shellenberger, author of Apocalypse Never, joined Tucker Carlson on his show last night.  Shellenberger is also President of Environmental Progress. He told Carlson, “The media coverage has been really irresponsible. I’m sorry to see President Obama make even more extreme statements than we’ve seen out of Mother Jones…”

For his book, he “interviewed most of the top California scientists. And what they emphasize is there’s two kinds of forests, one of which we don’t have enough fires in. We actually needed more of the prescribed burns or controlled burns. We haven’t been doing that for 120 years and so the wood filed has been building up.  That’s why the fires and so intense. That’s why there’s so much smoke in San Francisco.”

“And there’s another kind of fire, the shrubland fires we want less fires in. And that’s mostly to do with more people and more electrical wires which they failed to maintain for many decades because we’ve been focused on other things like building renewables.”

Watch Mr. Shellenberger:

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