Bret Baier nukes Biden’s SPOX & it’s not pretty


We posted this clip before but didn’t give it the attention it deserves. It’s a clip of Bret Baier interviewing  T. J. Ducklo, Joe Biden’s National Press Secretary.

Baier asked Ducklo what Biden would have done in January if he had the same virus briefing as President Trump. Ducklo began by reviewing the stats and then saying, “We now know from Bob Woodward’s reporting that this President knowingly and willfully lied about the dangerousness of this threat to the country.”

That is not true. President Trump never denied it was serious. He tried to give people hope and keep them from panicking. By going over the stats first, TJ was suggesting the President is a murderer. This is very over-the-top and dishonest.

Ducklo then quoted ridiculous guesses out of Columbia.

Baier kept him on track when he tried to jump to March. Baier asked about claims by Biden’s two key advisers who said in January, “stop panicking.”

Ducklo then shifted to Biden’s January op-ed. Baier asked, you’re saying Biden was for the China travel ban when the President implemented it two days after the briefing?

Shifty Ducklo wouldn’t answer the question because it was a lie. Biden most certainly opposed the travel ban until months later after everyone knew it was a great idea.

Baier pressed and finally gave up. Instead, he played the clip of Dr. Fauci saying the President did not say anything counter to what they knew.

The answer was, “Bret, I know you all are working overtime to make excuses for this President. We know from the President’s own words, he knew how serious this threat was. He did not implement the necessary steps to get testing to where we needed, contact tracing to where we needed, to mobilize people…”

Contact tracing is a joke and the testing was implemented swiftly. There were human problems.

Baier was trying to get to Biden’s point that “if the President acted two weeks earlier, 54,000 lives would have been saved.” In other words, Biden is trying to pin Trump with 54,000 deaths and Baier wanted the evidence.

The Fox News host noted that if they were shut down “two weeks earlier [during Trump’s impeachment], Super Tuesday primaries would have been affected, wouldn’t they? And making it harder for Joe Biden to catch Bernie Sanders…?”

The slick blatherskite then said, “Again, Bret, I’ll remind you of the distinction I made earlier, Donald Trump is the president.” He then said the President lied.

TJ got cracks in about Fox during this crazy interview.

As you can see, he never answers a question, just bloviates mindless talking points.

The Biden spokesperson said Biden will get Americans back to work [except he’s the person who supported sending all our manufacturing to China and elsewhere. NAFTA was a disaster for the American worker. Joe also wants to eliminate the Trump taxes which will raise taxes on the middle class by hundreds of billions].

Baier then asked the evasive, oily spokesperson if Joe Biden uses a teleprompter. He wouldn’t answer because we all know it’s true. On one of the clips we have, Biden read “end of quote” off a teleprompter, so empty-headed is he (see below).

Ducklo said, “We’re not–this is straight from campaign talking points – from the Trump campaign talking points…it’s trying to distract the American people…they talk about it every day because they don’t have a coherent strategy…”

All Bret wanted was a “yes or no,” but Ducklo would only say Trump’s a liar. This guy must have come from the bowels of the Justice Democrats.

Watch a slimey politico in action:

Here it is, ‘end of quote’:


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