Portland police are being studied to see if they’re Woke enough


Portland Police are resigning and retiring at a rate never seen over nightly riots and bad treatment by the mentally challenged city officials. The officials prefer Antifa, BLM, and other criminals to law enforcement.

PPD officers are resigning en masse because of nightly riots and now they want a “study” to see if the PPD is Woke enough.

Despite that, the city is now contracting with an outside firm to determine if there is bias in the police department and if they are resisting change.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who believes she and other Black people have been the targets of Portland police bias, announced the contract details Thursday. The study’s findings are due by December, they said.

They contracted with a. California firm, the OIR Group, for $150,000.

Chief Chuck Lovell said the city’s police force would cooperate with the bias investigation, just as it has with other outside audits and reviews over the years.

The police union had no comment.

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