Portlanders! Help is here! Here come the unarmed park rangers


Just when you think Democrats couldn’t be any more clueless, they prove you wrong. Democrats in Portland figured out a way to beat the historic crime surge. They plan to send out unarmed park rangers with tickets.

The union for the city’s park rangers is still at least sane. They demand the rangers be outfitted with Level II-A body armor. All this does is make them impressively clad targets. They need guns.

The Portland geniuses who run the city do seem to know the murder rate in the city is the highest it has been in 26 years. However, they still want to “defund the police” and still support the BLM and Antifa commies.

Police are leaving in high numbers over the horrible lack of support but that does not deter the morons in charge.

The nightly riots continue as the city council approves $6 billion to combat fake gun violence, give nothing to the police, and fail to recognize it’s not gun violence, it’s rampant crime and unaccountable criminals.

Willamette Week reports, “In the last year, there has been an increased sense of hostility toward city employees,” writes LIUNA Local 483 organizer Ted Bryan. “We are worried by the number of assaults, attempted assaults, threats, and harassment toward parks staff, including rangers.”

He reminded the city council that all rangers can do is give citations.

This is pathetic. Blinded into stupidity by ideology.

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