Posobiec discusses the infiltration of conservative groups


Steve Bannon has been concerned about infiltration into conservative groups. He singled out a BBC article, ‘Going undercover to infiltrate Chinese-American far-right networks‘ to discuss the issue with conservative reporter Jack Posobiec and ask for clarification. The article focuses on the ‘threat’ of Chinese right-wing activists merging with US conservatives.

The article begins:

During the pandemic, an unlikely alliance has emerged between the Chinese-speaking diaspora and American conservatives, as Washington and Beijing clash over the origins of Covid-19.

For strident opponents of Beijing, blaming China for not containing the virus within its borders is another opportunity to condemn the Chinese government.

For the American right, on the other hand, blaming China for the pandemic shifts focus from criticism of the Trump administration’s response and plays into the increasingly negative public opinion of China.

The collaboration between former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and Chinese exiled businessman Guo Wengui is a case in point. The duo has been involved in a sprawling digital network that disseminates misinformation about election frauds, coronavirus vaccines and QAnon narratives on multiple social media platforms.

Chinese immigrants often consume news bypassing traditional media gatekeepers, according to non-profit organisation First Draft.

Due to language barriers and news habits, many in the Chinese diaspora tend to read news in closed or semi-closed social media spaces. As there is already an existing trust among participants, the subscribers treat the information with less scrutiny, giving rise to “misinformation echo chambers”.

The QAnon conspiracies have been very damaging to the conservatives. It’s used constantly to demean every conservative.

Jack Posobiec discussed the article with Steve Bannon on the War Room. He said that patriot groups are targets of paid, infiltration operations. Freedom groups are viewed as a threat.

He then explained that there is a new underground, a right-wing Chinese group who are digging into the Wuhan lab and the coronavirus.

These are people who escaped from communism, and know what is at stake as the ‘overstate’ extends its reach.

The left is afraid of these groups and that’s why they are infiltrating. Remember the left thinks the fascists are the conservatives, not Antifa or Black Lives Matter types, despite the evidence to the contrary.

Whatever you think of Steve Bannon and Jack Posobiec, you have to consider the pro-Chinese communist slant in the BBC article and the conspiratorial attack on Bannon.


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