Possible Move to Steal Georgia’s Election for Socialist Stacey Abrams


One Hundred Black Men of America Inc. has launched a call to action under the guise of Georgia’s election being stolen by winner Brian Kemp, a Republican. In an email titled, “100 Black Men of America, Inc. Call Citizens Into Action To Protect The Vote In Georgia,” they told blacks to descend on their polling place if they cast a provisional ballot.

It’s a far-left organization. This isn’t about black people, it’s about socialists and communists trying to win elections they didn’t win.

They wrote:

If you voted provisional ballot in Georgia, you need to go to your local board of elections to ensure your vote gets counted! Call the Peoples Agenda at 1-877-524-8683 if you need a ride to the board of elections in your county.

“History will hold all leaders accountable for idly standing by and doing nothing while citizens’ votes go uncounted and their voices silenced,” said Thomas W. Dortch, Jr., Chairman, 100 Black Men of America, Inc.

The history of the 100 includes members fighting to guarantee that all rights of citizens are protected.

Provisional ballots are a great way to corrupt the vote. Keep your eye on this one because anything a black person says must be okayed or they will say whites and Republicans are suppressing the vote.

Kemp won the race but Abrams won’t concede and there is a movement to stop him. The Democrats/Socialists are already claiming voter suppression.

The gap was so wide, Abrams really couldn’t beat Kemp but let’s see if miraculous votes appear.


  1. NO ONE likes to go to war and fight and die but it is time for us to stand up to these communists and throw them out of the country along with their benefactor & best buddy, George Soros, who has stated how much he hates America and that he vows to destroy America. Time to grab our muskets and fix bayonets. Way too bad I was not at the Tucker household fixing their plumbing, cuz there would have been one dead door crasher, stuck on the bayonet thrust through the door from the inside which would have penetrated his spleen on his second push at the door.
    These are animals not rational people and they will only understand one thing, unfortunately, FORCE; a few wheelchairs and bags full of piss to empty several times per day will resolve the issue. We need to strike hard and fast because the law enforcement cannot and will not enforce the law any longer, and that goes double for the FBI, once the premier law enforcement agency in the world. If you think times are bad now, just wait for all of the illegitimate kids these communists have “fathered” grow up and hit our streets. Just tired of 100 black communists or 100 white communists…………They can kiss my Marine Ass, folks. Mad Maxine should have been dead years ago from syphyliss or what ever has taken over her mind, (or what’s left of it.)
    Being a woman is no credential per se to hold office just as being a man is not. Obama was elected, not because he was/is black but because we thought he could take our country forward. HE TURNED OUT TO BE A COMMUNIST AND COMMITTED MORE CRIMES THAN AL CAPONE DID.

  2. Give it up, Abrams. Whites should go out and make sure their votes were counted. We know who commits voter fraud. If Republicans were stealing votes, as Democrats do, they would occasionally be caught with boxes of mysterious ballots. What really needs to be done is to make sure that Hispanics who voted are in the country legally. Not to pick on Hispanics, but they seem to be a major vote fraud problem right now. We need to say it and do something about it.

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