Outrageous! Media Blames WH Intern for Acosta Chopping & Blocking Her Arm – Updated


What happened: Acosta forcibly resisted a woman and refused to yield the mic so he could continue grandstanding. As a result, he hijacked the news and the other sixty plus questions were ignored.

CNN’s activist debater Jim Acosta got into a heated exchange with President Trump the day after the election as the President answered questions.  Acosta continually interrupted with rude questions and the President told him to sit down, refusing to take further questions from him. Acosta’s questions were meant to embarrass, they were non-stop, and he interrupted other reporters.

Acosta started the fiery engagement between the two.

As the intern tried to reach for the mic, Acosta said, “pardon me, ma’am”. She backed off and knelt at his feet. He continued to try to ask more rude questions and the President said ‘enough’. The intern once again reached for the mic and Acosta chopped her arm with his open hand, blocking her from reaching the mic.

His treatment of the intern was the reason his press pass was pulled. There could have been myriad other reasons but that seemed to be the last straw for the administration.


Outrageously, “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin said it was the young White House aide and not CNN reporter Jim Acosta who committed battery.

This woman is a lawyer by the way.

She said on Thursday’s show, “What I saw was a battery, not by Jim Acosta, but by the young White House aide. She was referring to the intern doing her job and reaching for the mic on cue.

She is representative of all that is going on in the media — deception, lies, activism, constant assaults on the administration and the people he represents.

The Daily Mail reported that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders shared a clip that sped up the arm movement. We have since checked and it’s not true. They’re lying.

It’s merely a distraction in any case. The event did occur. I watched it live.

The Hill says reporters claim the accusation against Acosta is false and the video was edited. CNN is refusing to accept it happened at all. They are ganging up with a lie. The incident did occur and the media does stick together, even if it means lying. Not so long ago, more than 300 newspapers wrote op-eds trashing him for trashing their fake news. They claimed he called the media “the enemy of the people” when he, in fact, called the fake news the enemy of the people.

Sarah Sanders is not backing down


[This is an update]


Watch the exchange here. There is no question he chopped the intern’s arm with his hand.

We updated the article to include the comment about Paul Joseph Watson’s video being sped up and to add the video with the President’s remarks.

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