Post About Hobby Lobby’s “Insensitive” “Racist” Decor Goes Viral


The Facebook post below has been shared over 10,000 times and it has received over 50,000 likes, wows or laughing face icons. There are 116,000 comments. The woman who posted it has made her page private since.

Selling products or decorating products made with cotton is racist now, at least according to this woman.

She is apparently serious and not trolling. This woman, Ms. Rider, probably doesn’t realize that white people also picked cotton.

Liberals/leftists are snowflakes and need safe spaces all the time. Perhaps Hobby Lobby should employ full-time counselors for triggered liberals.

Is she aware that the Irish peasants were hired to do the dangerous jobs slave owners wouldn’t let their slaves do for fear they’d be hurt? Slaves also farmed, does she know?

The comments were interesting.

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