Potential Trump Picks to Replace James Comey as Head of the FBI


Democrats are demanding James Comey’s replacement be someone without any ties to Donald Trump.

The names on the list to replace James Comey coming from CNN and Charles Garparino, a contributor to Fox News and Fox Business, are Trey Gowdy, Ray Kelly, Chris Christie, John Pistole and Rudy Giuliani. Most of these spell trouble for Hillary Clinton and the feckless Democrats, but only two have are bipartisan.

Despite their many qualifications, we’ve had a politician heading up the FBI and look where it got us. Comey is a political hack. Gowdy, Christie and Giuliani are politicians and that could eliminate them.

Gowdy would energize Trump’s base and he can’t be ruled out though it’s unclear he would want it.

Some have mentioned Sheriff David Clarke Jr. but, again, he’s political.

Comey’s deputy Andrew McCabe has been mentioned but he’s too close to Comey and is under investigation by the Inspector General for not recusing himself during the Clinton investigation despite the fact that his wife was running for congressional seat as a Democrat with funding from Clinton allies.

Ray Kelly was one of the choices for FBI Director when Clinton was president and while he wasn’t chosen, it speaks well for his bipartisan background.

Kelly held two jobs under Clinton: Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence at Treasury and Commissioner of the United States Customs service.

And he has deep law enforcement credentials: He served a NYPD commissioner for 13 years, longer than anyone in history.

There is also John Pistole, a friend of Michael Pence’s,  and he is bipartisan, respected by both sides.

Pistole is currently serving as the president of Anderson University in Indiana.

Pistole, who last served as the administrator of the Transportation Security Administration under President Barack Obama, also served as deputy director of the FBI under former president George W. Bush.

He joined the FBI in 1983, serving at the bureau for 26 years until he was confirmed as TSA head in July 2010. While at the FBI he also worked at the bureau’s Executive Assistant Director for national security.

He is considered establishment. He does not appear to have backed a candidate in 2016.

He did come out publicly to disagree with Trump when he planned to cut the “armed pilot” program, training that was developed after 9/11 to prepare pilots and crew for a highjacking scenario.

We are well rid of Comey and his bad logic and worse decisions.

Since Tuesday, Democrats have been stirring controversy over an investigation in search of a crime, Ben Stein said. Stein added comet’s a “kind of a nutcase.”

It’s a fishing expedition with no evidence whatsoever. There is no legitimate Russia-Trump collusion investigation and the Democrats know it.

In the end, the country will be better off without Comey.

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