Pothole Pete Is on Paternity Leave for Months as Supply Chain Crisis Grows


We are facing a national crisis and Pete Buttigieg, who is responsible for transportation, has been on family leave since mid-August. Why take a job if you are not going to give it your all?

The supply chain issues are very serious. To briefly explain the causes, we have a few reasons this is happening.

First, there is the issue of globalization. We have COVID and people are still trying to recover from it. Then there is China with a lot of businesses trying to move away from them and towards nations like Vietnam.  Some are trying to insource which is difficult with China Joe feeding our business to Chinese communists.

COV mandates are slowing business and it will get worse as Biden demands everyone in private business get vaxxed and lose their jobs because they won’t.

Secondly, we do have infrastructure problems but the Democrat bill isn’t going to the right places. It’s mostly going to socialism as opposed to boosting the points in the supply chain needing support.

Third, there are the Biden regulations killing business, negatively impacting workers and truckers.

Now we have a Transportation Secretary with no experience in transportation who is nowhere to be found. The only reason he got the job is because he’s gay. That’s fine that he’s gay but why is that a qualification anyone should care about? It’s nice that he has babies with his husband, but WE’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A CRISIS!

As Pete Buttigieg faces “a massive supply-chain breakdown exploding across the country,” observes The Hill’s Joe Concha, news outlets are focusing on his “foray into fatherhood,” not “the one major issue he’s in charge of fixing,” even as cargo ships “pile up off the coast of America’s port cities.” The former South Bend, Ind., mayor is “clearly in over his head.” The press loves him “for a variety of reasons, including because he checks off many boxes in the sizzle department. But chief among them is not his experience with supply chains, small business, Big Labor or transportation.”

He couldn’t even get the potholes fixed in little South Bend.

In the middle of this crisis, he took off for twelve weeks on paternity leave to be with his new twins and his husband.

If he couldn’t do the job, he shouldn’t have accepted it, PERIOD!

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