Powerful Petty Despot Dr. Fauci Wants Critic Fired


A CNN ‘reporter’ today told Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Biden medical advisor, that Jesse Waters suggested people “ambush” Dr. Anthony Fauci with some kind of “rhetorical kill shot” so “he doesn’t see it coming.” The faux reporter wouldn’t play the clip because it was “too dangerous.”

Watters made the comments at a TPUSA event. The audience knew what he meant. Democrats don’t want anyone on the right to use strong words while they call us every name under the sun.

It gave Fauci a platform to repeat his platitudes about all he ever does is give people advice on good health practices. Fauci said it was terrible for “some guy out there saying that people should be giving me a kill shot to ambush me. I mean what kind of craziness is there in society these days? That’s awful that he said that, and he’s gonna go very likely unaccountable, humph. I mean whatever network he’s on, it’s not gonna do anything to him. I mean that’s crazy. The guy should be fired on the spot.”

These two – the host and Fauci – are pretending the words are literal instead of figurative. They are also taken out of context. To conflate the words with violence is just a typical Leftist tactic.

For Fauci to pretend he doesn’t know what network Jesse Watters is on is ridiculous, but he is a self-confessed liar.

Fauci is fresh off his success in getting Lara Logan disappeared from Fox News so maybe he wants to keep it going. He plays naive all the time and he is hardly that.

Lara Logan is missing from the network since she compared Tony to Mengele over all the lives lost due to his insistence on a lockdown. They can call us terrorists, so we should be able to call him Mengele.

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