J6 Judge Orders Release of 3 Hours of Footage at the Tunnel


The “DC Gitmo”, which is the prison holding most of the J6 defendants, is said to be a brutal place, particularly for these defendants, whether they participated in the riot or not. Many just paraded around.

One of the defendants, Ryan Nichols, an honorably discharged and decorated Marine veteran from Texas, is under arrest at the DC Gitmo indefinitely without bail. He’s already been shipped around to five prisons in two months’ time. Currently, he is in solitary confinement at the gulag.

He faces charges related to his participation in riots that took place at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

On Monday, Nichols went before Reagan appointed Judge Thomas Hogan in a DC court. The judge agreed with the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) that Nichol’s torture of solitary confinement is fine because, duh, COVID.  What a joke.

People, including judges, are afraid to counter claims that there was an insurrection on J6 thanks to Democrat lies.

The real issue which the fake insurrection was meant to diminish was the election. It was a complete fraud, and I am only referring to that which we can prove. Changing laws at the last minute, unsecured Zucker boxes everywhere, ballot harvesting, media perverting the news, and on and on. There were many irregularities that no one will consider. And what do we need those machines for, anyway?

No one would listen. All the Left did was insult everyone to silence opponents and it worked.


The DC court is doing the will of the DoJ which is just an operative for the Democrat Party.

Nichols is in prison for, he says, rescuing a police officer. The officer might have lied about what went on. One clip I saw appears to corroborate Nichols’ story. The DoJ says he assaulted the officer. We really do need to see this video.

However, the judge said Nichols had a leadership role. He used a bullhorn, a crowbar, and celebrated. Nichols has been in prison for 11 months and is now in solitary only over COV as if they care about him becoming ill, not because he did anything untoward in prison.

Do you know who else had a leadership role and celebrated but got off? Antifa operative Sullivan, the CNN reporter with him, and Mr. Epps. They were not punished for their roles.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to release the over 14,000 hours of video feed from the Capitol. She is hiding the truth. We also believe she’s hiding the government informants who helped stir the crowd and the absolute abuses by the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt. There are also concerns that overreacting officers killed Rose Boyland.

Judge Hogan, on Monday, ordered the release of three hours of Capitol surveillance video from the west terrace tunnel on January 6. That was where there were battles between Trump supporters and the police.

Any video I have seen makes the officers look abusive at times. I fully support our officers but if they’re wrong, they’re wrong. They did, however, have the message that it was open season on these so-called ‘terrorists.’


In his filing on behalf of Ryan Nichols, Joseph McBride, a New York-based attorney, based on his viewing a three-hour segment of surveillance footage, described police officers punching, kicking, macing, and beating with sticks and their fists several protesters trapped inside the tunnel, Julie Kelly reports.

One D.C. Metro Police supervisor was especially abusive, repeatedly beating an unidentified woman.

“The weapon this officer appears to be using is a collapsible stick, designed to break windows in emergency situations,” McBride wrote of the supervisor. “This stick is neither designed nor to be used against another human being.”

The woman was punched numerous times in the face; blood was pouring out of her face, according to McBride’s motion. When Nichols, who wanted to keep an eye on the targeted woman, sees her attempting to leave the tunnel, “she gets kicked and stomped in the head by an officer. She is screaming, and so are others.”

This woman is still unidentified.

Seeing the footage will also allow the public to see how Rose Boyland died. Immediately before her death, she was allegedly beaten brutally.

All of the videos need to be released. Why are we seeing only cherry-picked videos?

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