Prepare fo Climate Extremism — DoD’s New Primary Mission Is Climate Change


We can expect Democrats to not let any manufactured crisis go to waste. They are pushing climate change extremism in every executive agency once again.

Climate change poses a serious threat to U.S. military operations and will lead to new sources of global political conflict, the Department of Defense wrote in its new climate planCNBC reported.

Water shortages could become a primary source of friction or conflict between U.S. military overseas and the countries where troops are based, it warned.

The Defense Department was among 20 federal agencies that on Thursday unveiled climate change adaptation plans that reveal the biggest threats global warming poses to their operations.

No one is denying the climate is changing or that the earth has grown warmer, but it’s also true no one has proven that giving money to Joe Biden or tyrannical thugs leading poor nations will help the climate. This administration wants massive wealth redistribution in the name of climate change. They also want to make us a communist nation with all power in the central government in DC.

No one has explained how wars are the result of climate change. There is no evidence of it but it is a good soundbite.


One of the villains of Afghanistan, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said, “Climate change is an existential threat to our nation’s security, and the Department of Defense must act swiftly and boldly to take on this challenge and prepare for damage that cannot be avoided,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said.

He made the comments as he released his ‘Climate Adaptation Plan.’ In it, he makes it clear that every department will have to take into consideration climate change and no one can opt-out [no matter the cost].

There are four priorities and two are Marxist:



CLIMATE LITERACY: Successful implementation of this action plan requires actions specifically directed at building a climate-informed workforce. A climate-literate and capable workforce can more readily integrate climate considerations into all activities, from day-to-day operations to long-term sustainable and climate-resilient installation planning, through the development of joint policy and doctrine that takes climate change into consideration. Topic 2, regarding Climate Literacy, specifically addresses this enabler.

ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: Climate change impacts can affect sources of raw materials, supplies, equipment, vehicles, and weapons systems as well as their distribution and storage. Environmental Justice considerations require that training and testing, as well as acquisition actions, not disproportionately impact low income and/ or minority populations (EO 13985 and EO 13990). Through the updated DOD Environmental Justice Strategy (to be developed per EO 14008) risks and opportunities will be coordinated. The updated Environmental Justice Strategy (expected later in 2021) will address Environmental Justice issues in more detail.

The Marxists are implementing their ideology by forcing it into every area of DoD and using race to make it happen.

The document ensures that only the leftist view of climate change is considered — the science is settled.

It completely changes the mission of the DoD although they don’t say that. We will go from a fighting force to a military of climate change warriors and activists.

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Hazelnut Delight Bliss
Hazelnut Delight Bliss
2 years ago

CCP has already conquered Chiquitastan, why weaken it any worse than it is?
Weak wokeness will lead to complete and total destruction.