President Biden “defiles” the “most non-racist country in the world”


Investigative journalist, Miranda Devine, who exposed the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop, analyzes the atrocities arising from the Derek Chauvin trial. Can we trust the way the decision was made after the jury was threatened and will justice be blind? Then you have a President defiling the country.

The jury was not sequestered and they saw riots and threats. “There was an enormous amount of pressure on them,” Devine said. There was “so much menace and intimidation around this trial,”…even the President said he was “praying” for the right decision. And you had Maxine Waters fueling riots. It “was an atmosphere of fear and intimidation” when the verdict could have been “unifying.”

Despicable Biden “poured more gasoline on the fire” and buys into the narrative that we are a “systemic racist country” in a country of all the world that is the most non-racist. We fought a Civil War and had a civil rights movement to end slavery and racism.

The USA is the most non-racist in the world and for the President “to blaggard it and defile it” is “unbecoming a President,” she said. Tucker added and “dangerous.”

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  1. Shady Acres Joe just follows the script of Gepetto Hussein who will never rest until this country is a smoldering heap of burnt down ruins.
    Prepare now before the fire reaches your local area.

  2. Tucker continues his “let’s whine about Biden after dishonestly claiming he won the election” theme.

    A good example is Kara McKinney on OANN, she is more intelligent and honest than Tucker could ever be.

    Tucker is the Barr or Sessions of media. He will betray you whenever his network tells him.

    I know of no conservative who has Newsmax or OANN still watching Tucker.

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