Powerful! Democrats “in their nefarious scheme to take over this country”


Candace Owens bares the truth about the Derek Chauvin trial which ended in conviction yesterday. The rioting and the propaganda aren’t even about George Floyd. It’s not about that. Read to the end.

The media lied from the beginning. They hid camera footage which gives a more complete picture, they lied about the officer being a racist officer who shot this innocent man. They lied.

Democrat riots also create propaganda and the threats of riots loom over us if they don’t get their way.

Democrats are saying “if we don’t get what we want,” we will riot and destroy you, Candace explains.

We have a bunch of people putting out cowardly claims and another bunch who are too cowardly to call it out. We have people in Congress who won’t take this on.

They martyred Floyd who is a violent criminal and his name is now being tied to justice. It’s not reality, and it’s forgiving all the “trauma Geroge Floyd brought to his victims.”

“People are not strong enough to call this out,” and “we are losing this country.”

We allow the media and the Democrats to get away with everything they do because we have weak people on our side “who are not willing to stand up.”

The Left is moving the goalposts again. We are seeing systemic oppression of the Right and are setting up pawns in our education system who will be angry and ignorant.

Tucker wondered if we would get to the point of ordinary people saying we are “not putting up with it.”

“No, we are not going to,” Candace said. “That’s why they are…moving the goalposts already because they’re saying right now, ‘that’s not enough. That wasn’t justice by the way.’ Because what they’re saying is, what they want is perpetual revolution. It’s why they want people to be ignorant…we are actually seeing systemic oppression that is taking place…propaganda that is taking place in the mainstream media and it is working with the educational institutions, [with] critical race theory and all of this nonsense. It’s to make sure we are mass-producing failures that are angry and that are violent and that are willing to riot and loot on behalf of the Democrats. Because that’s all they want right now are pawns in their nefarious scheme to take over this country.”

Watch, it’s powerful:



  1. They have already taken it over with the Big Steal.
    Burning it all down is a feature and not a bug, it will continue even if they get every enemedia narrative fulfilled.
    The CPUSA plays for keeps while the GOP republicant wing of the Uniparty plays footsie with the chamber of commerce.

  2. Candace Owens is smart, knowledgeable and more of a fire-brand than I thought. I would support her for a run for a Senate or rep seat, but the Dems would use lawfare to attempt to silence and/or destroy her.

  3. Those of us in the Heartland have realized that we don’t have to do a whole lot to take back America. Liberals in Big Blue Cites are on track to destroy Big Blue Cities within the decade. We can wait. Most Red States never really closed and their economies are doing well. We don’t care about DC stupidity. We will follow California’s lead and ignore the laws we don’t like, but unlike California, we will ignore the stupid laws. We will let Illegal Aliens know that they are unwelcome. They can go to the Big Blue Cities where the crime rate is far worse than the Central American country they came from.

  4. Americans better start acting like their parents and grandparents and stop these communists. I hope Americans realize the second amendment is the only reason you are NOT slaves right now. A very pertinent quote from great man. He is describing ‘cowards’!!!!
    “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

  5. If this country is to survive as the United States of America, pedo Joe Biden, the ho Commie-la Harris and the ignorant buffoons like Nasty Pelosi, Maxipad Waters, Chuck U. Schumer and a host of other DemocRATS must be removed from office. This country cannot survive four years of these incompetent morons.

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