Gov Kristi Noem vows to NOT allow resettlement in her state


Governor Kristi Noem has vowed to not allow illegal alien resettlement in her state of South Dakota. Why aren’t all blue governors saying the same thing?

She has determined that this President is “making our country unsafe.” People on the terrorist watchlist are getting into this country and they are not getting into South Dakota.

Governor Noem wouldn’t put it past this administration to violate the law and not notify governors but governors need to get together and demand the administration stop them.




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  2. What Red State Governors need to do is put every illegal they find in their State on a bus and send them to DC. Once the Congress finds itself surrounded by a couple million Illegal Aliens, they will get the message.

  3. Why aren’t blue states following this idea? Because they are liberal lemmings and will evidently follow this mindless excuse for a president right off the cliff. This mob of socialists are putting our national security in great jeopardy.

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