President blasts Sotomayor for shaming Justices, left’s off the rails


President Trump slammed partisan Justice Sonya Sotomayor, who only votes left, during a press conference in India on Tuesday as he was set to wrap up his trip. He called for Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor to recuse themselves in matters related to him due to their bias. These things always take place when the President has had a successful trip overseas. It’s another manufactured crisis by Democrats.

He first addressed a question from Fox News about his overnight Twitter comments saying two Supreme Court justices — Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg — should recuse themselves from cases surrounding his presidency. He then singled out Sotomayor for particular criticism.
“I just thought it was so inappropriate, such a terrible statement for a Supreme Court justice,” he said. “She’s trying to shame people with perhaps a different view into voting her way, and that’s so inappropriate.”

That is what Sotomayor did do in fact.

Sotomayor issued a scathing dissent Friday after a ruling in the case of Wolf v. Cook County, a case allowing the administration to expand situations where the government can deny visas to non-citizens [welfare takers].

“It is hard to say what is more troubling,” Sotomayor wrote, “that the Government would seek this extraordinary relief seemingly as a matter of course, or that the Court would grant it.”

The Obama-appointed Justice Sotomayor was a lawyer for LaRaza and supports open borders policies.

President Trump continued, “I just don’t know how they can not recuse themselves from anything having to do with Trump or Trump-related. The right thing to do is that.”

He continued: “What Justice Sotomayor said yesterday was really highly inappropriate and everybody agrees to that. Virtually everybody. I’ve seen papers on it people cannot believe that she said it.”

Many did in fact criticize Justice Sotomayor.


Sotomayor is clearly corrupting the court by ripping into Justices with whom she disagrees.


She and her critics see it as a “wealth test” for legal immigrants.

“Today’s decision follows a now-familiar pattern,” Sotomayor began. “The Government seeks emergency relief from this Court, asking it to grant a stay where two lower courts have not. The Government insists—even though review in a court of appeals is imminent—that it will suffer irreparable harm if this Court does not grant a stay. And the Court yields.”

She wanted to drag the decision out, but, in fact, this is how it was done in the past. The U.S. didn’t take people who were coming in for welfare and who weren’t self-sufficient.

“This Court is partly to blame for the breakdown in the appellate process,” Sotomayor, an Obama appointee, wrote. “That is because the Court—in this case, the New York cases, and many others—has been all too quick to grant the Government’s ‘reflexiv[e]’ requests. But make no mistake: Such a shift in the Court’s own behavior comes at a cost.”

“I fear that this disparity in treatment erodes the fair and balanced decisionmaking process that this Court must strive to protect,” Sotomayor concluded.

In accusing the originalist justices of bias, she has proven she is completely biased as is Justice Ginsburg.

President Trump tweeted, “Sotomayor accuses GOP appointed Justices of being biased in favor of Trump.” @IngrahamAngle @FoxNews This is a terrible thing to say. Trying to “shame” some into voting her way? She never criticized Justice Ginsberg when she called me a “faker”. Both should recuse themselves…

…on all Trump, or Trump related, matters! While “elections have consequences”, I only ask for fairness, especially when it comes to decisions made by the United States Supreme Court!”

The President referenced @Laura Ingraham who weighed in on the matter. She is a lawyer who clerked with Justice Thomas. Media Matters and other leftists are going absolutely wild against her and the President.

Here is what she said [and we think she makes a great point]:

Ms. Ingraham also corrected Sotomayor’s errors. “Judge Sotomayor says ‘eminent’ when she means ‘imminent,’ ‘providence’ instead of ‘province,’ ‘story of knowledge’ instead of ‘store of knowledge,’…


They were laying in wait for the President to respond.

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