Welfare Usage Nosedives Under Trump Admin – for immigrants too


Philadelphia, PA, USA – January 15, 2020: A small independent convenience store advertises that electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards, also known as food stamps, are accepted.

The number of people on the dole, particularly illegal immigrants,  is taking a nosedive since the Trump administration cracked down on the abuse of the social welfare programs. Welfare is supposed to serve as temporary relief and must be reserved for needy citizens and legal residents.

This nosedive began before the new Supreme Court ruling that has recently become a ‘scandal.’ The new crisis manufactured by Justice Sotomayor and her Democrat allies is over the Supreme Court ruling that the President can add a reasonable public charge rule limiting green cards for immigrants who are believed to be likely dependents on welfare and social service programs.

The public charge rule bans any immigrant “unable to take care of himself or herself without becoming a public charge.” The rule has been on the books for almost 140 years according to Acting DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli.

It has not been used for 20 years. That is when illegal immigration went out of control.

In a report published by the Daily Mail, Pastor Antonio Velasquez pointed out that the administration’s efforts to enforce the public charge rule can be clearly seen in his mostly Latino neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona.


Prior to the Trump crackdown, people were already lining up in the middle of the night on a daily basis to apply for food stamps and Medicaid, according to Velasquez. “You had to arrive at 3 in the morning, and it might take you until the end of the day,” he said.

But on the recent weekday morning when the pastor was being interviewed by The Mail, there was no one lined up. There were just a few people inside the government office.

Enforcement of “public charge” will disqualify many immigrants from having green cards if they are not self-sufficient. Green cards, or Permanent Resident Cards, allow holders to live and work permanently in the U.S.

Pastor Velazquez, an advocate of free stuff for all, told the reporter that countless immigrants–legal and otherwise–“have dropped social service handouts … out of fear they will be kicked out of the U.S.”

That’s a win-win for citizens and for them. They are much better off not being enslaved by welfare. Up until the Democrat welfare binge in the USA, immigrants made it over and survived just fine without welfare. It is not a necessity.

Velazquez wants the handouts to continue, but the alternative is for them to go back home. We can’t support the world. The other alternative is for them to get help at their local religious or charitable center.

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