President comes out against Dr. Fauci’s views on schools


President Trump said he wants to see schools reopen. This follows Dr. Fauci suggesting they shouldn’t open next year.

President Trump told Maria Bartiromo that he “totally” disagrees with him on schools.

“So [Dr.] Anthony [Fauci] is a good person, a very good person – I’ve had to get our country open, we have to open our country. Now we want to do it safely, but we also want to do it as quickly as possible, we can’t keep going on like this … You’re having bedlam already in the streets, you can’t do this. We have to get it open. I totally disagree with him on schools.”

Trump said the same thing in a Wednesday briefing. While the decision is ultimately up to state governors, he does not consider the country “coming back” if schools remain closed.

“I was surprised by his answer actually because it’s just to me it’s not an acceptable answer, especially when it comes to schools,” Trump said.

Fauci made comments during testimony before lawmakers Tuesday that caused some alarm since he was his usual hysterical self.

Fauci cautioned that a vaccine or treatment would not likely be available before students are expected to begin their fall terms.

“If this were a situation where you had a vaccine, that would really be the end of the issue in a positive way,” Fauci said. “But as I mentioned in my opening remarks, even at the top speed we’re going, we don’t see a vaccine playing in the ability of individuals to get back to school this term.”

The chances of developing a vaccine ever are not good. We have never succeeded in developing a vaccine for a coronavirus.

Given the uncertainty, the California State University system announced that it would move fall 2020 classes online.

This is absurd. Dr. Fauci has been wrong far more than he’s been right. People can’t get back to work if their children are home. This creates an impossible situation. And children are statistically unaffected by the virus.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday also indicated he was unsure whether New York state schools would reopen in the fall.

Children need to be in school and they need teachers with personal contact. We MUST open the economy up or we will be a destroyed nation. We were only supposed to do this for two weeks to keep hospital caseloads down. Now, suddenly, we’re going to do this indefinitely? Or is it just until Joe Biden wins election?

President Trump needs to find some more realistic advisers and dump the bureaucrat who never had a practice and can count on his cushy salary no matter what.

Trump said Fauci wants to “play all sides of the equation.”


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