President could lose his base and the military



President Trump’s chances to win re-election as of today are not good, and that’s given the fact that we aren’t taking the polls too seriously at this point up to an election. This is a terrifying possibility given the fact that Joe Biden is suffering from dementia and an overwhelming number of his advisers are socialists and communists.

What we do trust is trends in polls.


Voters are furious with the President for his handling of the virus. They credit governors with any successes. Thank the media for that. Voters blame the President for failing to contain the virus. Thank the media for that too.

They also blame the President for making the riots/protests worse.

Voters are angry and they will always blame Washington. It doesn’t help that the media points fingers at President Trump 24/7.

Republican suburban men and women are allegedly abandoning Trump.

IT’S NOT 2016

It’s not 2016 so don’t count on that pleasant surprise. Biden just isn’t hated as much as Hillary was and polls indicate they hate Biden less than Trump.

Also, the polls weren’t that far off in 2016. What they got wrong was the Electoral College. The President — barely — won some states that always go Democrat. It’s not looking that good right now.

In addition, the President might not have control over the military at this point. The generals keep turning on him, even the ones still employed. It’s no small matter.

He can resolve this but needs to concentrate on fixing the virus situation.

It’s only June and there is time.

Guarding monuments is a great idea, but if Portland wants to let Antifa burn it down, maybe let them. Certainly, there should be massive arrests. He must find effective ways to defend our free speech and our safety. Bill Barr, where are you?

I don’t believe these polls but if you look closely at trends, it’s alarming.

Think about what we have to lose — our freedom and our country. Biden will make things far worse but voters don’t know. They are lied to daily by the media and their weak-kneed politicians.

What do you think would make the voters less angry?

The riots were organized attacks on President Trump’s power base. It is an attack by the hard left, and it’s a power grab. We think Tucker is correct in this video and it’s frightening:

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