President Macron Loses Majority in Legislature – Le Pen Returns!


Emanuel Macron

President Emanuel Macron will end up with 224 seats, falling short of an absolute majority at 289 seats, according to France 24. He doesn’t have enough seats to form an official parliamentary group for the first time since 1986 after Sunday’s runoff parliamentary elections.

Marine LePen

Le Pen Is Back

There were 577 seats up for grabs in France’s National Assembly. Le Pen’s National Rally won 89 seats in the Lower House of Parliament, up 81 seats from 2017, when the party held eight seats, according to France 24.

President Eric Zemmour of right-wing Reconquête, was eliminated in the first round in the Va. Zemmour’s strategy had been to divide and weaken the right. He was dominant everywhere and was considered the right-wing superstar. That’s why the results are most surprising.

Zemmour, after dividing the right, had the gall to pretend he was appalled.

“The appallingly high score of the NUPES could have been avoided if the right was united. Despite the strong push of the RN, the first opposition force is Islamo-leftist. With a union, it would have been patriotic.”

Instead of tromping Marine Le Pen, she made a comeback.

Far-Left Gains

Far Left Jean-Luc Melenchon challenged Macron. His party is projected to win 149 seats. He didn’t get the majority also.

The current Minister of Health of France lost in the last parliamentary elections to the Ivorian left-wing Rachel Keke, who works as a cleaning lady in a hotel.

With no group reaching an absolute majority, it opens up a period of political uncertainty in France.

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