President to announce new task force on Tuesday to re-open the government


President Donald Trump said Friday that the numbers of people who will die from coronavirus will be well below the minimal number predicted by the researchers’ charts. The lowest number they came up with was 100,000 and he said it will be well below that. It’s time to think about re-opening.

He’s planning a Tuesday announcement to name the members of a new White House task force focused on reopening parts of the country that were shuttered because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The media won’t like them.

This second bipartisan group of advisers will focus on economic recovery apart from the group of public health officials on the task force run by Vice President Mike Pence.

If the President relies on Drs. Birx or Fauci, the country will never re-open. It’s time to circumvent them.

“We’re also setting up a council, a very, very great — doctors and businesspeople, we’re going to be announcing it on Tuesday, of some great people,” Trump told reporters at a coronavirus task force briefing at the White House on Friday.

“I don’t know that I’ve had a bigger decision. But I’m going to surround myself with the greatest minds. Not only the greatest minds but the greatest minds in numerous different businesses, including the business of politics and reason,” Trump told reporters at a White House press briefing.

“And we’re going to make a decision, and hopefully it’s going to be the right decision,” he continued. “I will say this. I want to get it open as soon as we can.”

“This is beyond economic,” he explained. “This is really, I call it the ‘opening our country task force’ or ‘opening our country council’ so we don’t get it confused with Mike’s task force, which has done so great. And we’re going to have the great business leaders, great doctors, we’re going to have a great group of people.”

In keeping with social distancing recommendations still in place to blunt the spread of the coronavirus, Trump suggested the group will meet by teleconference “because we don’t really want them traveling in for their own purposes.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci sounds like Dr. Doom, suggesting it will be a very slow opening. The media and Democrats are going to attack him no matter what he says or what he does.

President Trump predicts a record rebound due to “pent-up demand” and historic stimulus.

Democrats insisted President Trump listen to the scientists, the doctors, the researchers and suggested he wasn’t listening to them. Well, he did, and now the numbers who will die are far lower than the researchers’ stunningly inaccurate charts.

Now the media is claiming he will have a problem with closing the government when the virus didn’t turn out as predicted.

California has nothing like the numbers New York has, and it could be because of herd immunity. They seemingly had the virus in California in October, didn’t know what it was, and people in the state developed an immunity.

Sweden is buying into the herd immunity and refusing to close anything. Only the vulnerable have been advised to shelter in place. They have over 9,000 with the disease and about 793 people have died.

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3 years ago

The immense cost of meeting and defeating eh CCP Virus has yet to be determined, but it will be in the multiple trillions of dollars.The CCP created and launched this deliberate attack to destroy our economy and we demand complete reparations.We can start by the seizing of all ChiCom assets we can get our hands on, seize Hong Kong, and recognize Taiwan as the legitimate government of China. Prevent the CCP from importing oil and gas and other vital materials. This evil,murderous regime must be eliminated; otherwise, they will attack again.

3 years ago

No councils…just get the f@#k out of the way.

3 years ago

Suddenly feeling stupid for supporting this blowhard for 3 years. We need leadership right now, not a council. Put everyone back to work Monday or we’re headed for depression, your choice mr president.

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Amen and stop listening to Mr. and Mrs. Doom.

3 years ago

By the numbers: The World death toll has eclipsed 100,000. Taken in context; that is 20% More than the entire flu epidemic of 2018 IN THE U.S.