Bernie’s ex-press secretary thinks Dems are planning to replace Biden


Briahna Joy Gray, Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) former presidential campaign press secretary, said the Democratic establishment is more interested in maintaining the “corporate status quo” or “they’re planning to replace [former Vice President] Joe [Biden]” following the suspension of the Vermont senator’s 2020 bid. 

Gray responded on Twitter to a segment from Fox News’s Tucker Carlson’s show in which he featured Joe Biden as unfit.

“Bernie was too kind to go after Biden, but it’s coming,” Gray tweeted.

Gray said the Democratic establishment was more concerned with ousting Sanders than unseating Trump. That, or “they’re planning to replace Joe — adopting a pretty fast and loose relationship w/ representative Democracy,” her tweet read, suggesting another candidate could potentially emerge during the Democratic National Convention.

That is very possible. It’s more likely they’re planning to replace Joe than pick an establishment candidate. If they put someone in at the last minute, like Andrew Cuomo or Hillary Clinton, there won’t be enough time to put up a resistance against the new candidate. It could be a sleazy and brilliant maneuver. Will Democrats vote for a candidate who wasn’t selected by voters? It does seem like a broken convention is inevitable.

Sanders suspended his campaign the day before she made her comments.

Many left-leaning Democrats and Sanders supporters aren’t sure that Biden can earn support from Bernie’s followers — younger voters and progressives alike.

Although Biden routed Sanders during each primary after Super Tuesday, it’s unclear how many swing voters and progressives he can win over in the general election.

“Democrats deserve a candidate who was vetted. The corporate media shirked their responsibility,” Gray added.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

Bernie was too kind to go after Biden??????????? He the old communist coot isn’t too kind to go after Americans who have earned their wealth. No, they should have acquired it while holding political office and produced nothing of value like he and Biden did.

Hallmark Moments
Hallmark Moments
3 years ago

Useful idiots are so cute when they fall for that power to the people bravo sierra.
Today’s comrades are so subpar they think that the revolution will be easy peasy lemon squeezy.
True believers like esteemed party member Billy Ayers know that it will be a messy affair to build the glorious people’s collective utopia.