President to pull tens of thousands of troops out of Germany for not paying up


Germany won’t pay their agreed-upon share of NATO so President Trump is withdrawing thousands of troops and sending them to Poland. Russia will be thrilled. Democrats have said President Trump is Putin’s puppet, but he’s not a very good puppet.

The Europeans have talked about starting their own army, but that would cost more so it probably won’t happen. It is a risk, however.

President Trump on Wednesday announced he will withdraw tens of thousands of US troops from Germany. He accused the European nation of taking advantage of his administration by not paying their fair share to NATO, according to the NY Post.


Speaking during a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in the White House Rose Garden, Trump ripped Germany for spending billions on Russian energy while asking the US to protect it from Russia.

“We’re going to be reducing Germany very substantially down to about 25,000 troops. We actually had 52,000 but we’ll be moving it down to about 25,000,” Trump told reporters.

Makes sense. They’re not great partners. NATO is really the U.S.

The US troops will be sent to Poland or will return to the US, Trump said.

“They’re spending billions of dollars to buy Russian energy and then we’re supposed to defend them from Russia so that doesn’t work too well,” Trump said.

House Republicans and Germans are unhappy about it. But the Germans still aren’t paying up.

“You should be paying 2 percent [of GDP] and they’re paying a little bit more than 1 percent,” he said, calling it “tremendous delinquency.”

“It really isn’t treating the United States fairly. The United States is a major participant in that we pay more than anybody else by far and have for many many years,” he said.

“So we defend Europe, but Europe also takes tremendous advantage of the United States on trade like you wouldn’t believe,” he continued.

“I would imagine they’d like to wait until after the election so that maybe they could deal with somebody else than President Trump but after the election they’ll just have to pay more,” he added.

I don’t know why we needed 52,000 troops in Germany.

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
3 years ago

It’s about time! I was stationed in Germany just before the Vietnam conflict ended. I was a radar air traffic controller near the Soviet-controlled border when they had missiles pointed at us. The cold war is long over and the Germans have taken advantage of us long enough. Send our troops where they’re needed! You know, somewhere like Chicago or Minneapolis or Seattle.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

If Germany wants US military presence then they should pay us to keep them there. Not only is our military protecting Europe but Europe’s economy in general and Germany’s economy in particular relies heavily on US taxpayers’ money spent to keep them there and the money our military spends while there. In other words, US military presence is a cash cow and they are scared s**tless about losing it.

3 years ago

Pull US military from Germany and move them to Poland ? Horse manure ! Troops in Germany or Poland….same as tomato/tomatoe.

POTUS 45 should put them on the Mexican border ! Then again, he has refused to “Lock her up !” as he proclaimed during his 2016 campaign.

Long time past since the FUSA should have removed occupation forces from around the world. Defending Europe and the world, but not our own borders.

3 years ago

Pull ALL our troops out of Europe. They have their Own Union and can take care of themselves. I wasn’t aware we had to pick up the tab for what THEY aren’t paying, but it appears we do.