All About the Funding of BLM the Organization


The following is an excerpt from Bill O’Reilly’s show Wednesday. He looked into the funding for Black Lives Matter, a global network started by three Marxist women.

O’Reilly explained that “Black Lives Matter is a slogan. Nothing wrong with the slogan.”

He continued, “Black Lives Matter is also an organization. OK? The organization is formally called the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. Let me repeat. Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. That’s the organization. They get millions of dollars, but they are not approved as a tax-exempt organization.”

According to an investigation by The Washington Times, O’Reilly said, “George Soros since 2015 has given Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation 33 million dollars and on paper, he can’t write it off, but he can. Now, here it comes.”

Bill then explains how the organization is exploiting the tax-exempt status. They get it even though they are not exempt. Also,  71% of the money they rake in goes to the people involved in the organization for salaries and consultations.

Most of this post is a transcript.


“So the Black Lives Matter Global Network, incorporated in Delaware, Joe Biden’s home state, has forged an alliance with a group called ThousandCurrents. They’re in Oakland, California. They are run by a guy named Paul Strassburg. Let’s see Paul. Far left, way, way left. He works for the Ford Foundation, which is a huge benefactor of far-left things. Paul is a Peace Corps, former Peace Corps volunteer. He runs 1000Currents. They have made an alliance with the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.”

“Because of that, because of that alliance, your donation is tax-deductible. It’s very, very complicated. OK. So, I’m going to quote, fiscal sponsorships, it’s so complicated, 1000Currents is sponsoring financially the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. Because they’re sponsoring it, the government allows you to write off the donations. It goes through the 1000Currents organization to Black Lives Matter Foundation.”


“Now, what happens to the money? Ready? 25% of the millions of dollars that go into the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation is spent on salaries and benefits, a quarter, but it gets better. 46% goes to consultant fees. That could be anybody. That could be your mom, your daughter, your son. You’re consulting, you’re telling the Black Lives Matter Foundation what they should do. 71% of all the revenue either goes to salaries, benefits or consulting fees and that money is just given to people. OK. 71%. That means 29% actually help or potentially, God knows what they do, they print up signs, they get busses, they pay people to demonstrate.”

“We all know that’s what they do. But the vast majority of the money goes to the Black Lives Matter people in the foundation. They’re shrewd. Nobody knows this. Where is the IRS? If Soros gave them 33 million, where’s that money, IRS? I don’t know. We don’t know of any audits of the 1000Current organization or the Black Lives Matter Foundation. I mean, I thought Al Sharpton ran a scam in New York. This is unbelievable.”

“So all the Hollywood pinheads and the corporate idiots and everybody else writing checks, that money is going right into these people’s pockets and they’re Marxists.”

“So you figure The New York Times and Washington Post would do this, right? You figure NBC, CBS, ABC News, would do this? Fox News. Why didn’t Fox News do this? Uh-Uh. No way. They’re scared. You do it, you’re a racist. Just so you know, the George Soros money goes through his Open Society Foundation., not out of his pocket, it’s out of his foundation’s pocket.”

“The reporter who exposed all this is Kelly Ridell with the Washington Times, just giving you plenty of back-ups here.”

Bill spoke about the billion-dollar company leaving Seattle because of unrest, but I am skipping it since we reported about the company yesterday. But this next section explains how incompetent politicians are sure to make Seattle far worse.

“…the city council in Seattle says we’re not going to prosecute sex worker beefs or drug offenders anymore. So, therefore, all the hookers can do whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, including your front yard if you live in downtown Seattle. Drug addicts can do whatever they want. Shoot up in front of your kid? Sure. No problem. Seattle. Does anybody want to move there? Anybody going? And it’s lovely, it is a beautiful city. Ruined. Ruined.”

The hooker problem is a problem of trafficking as well which Bill didn’t mention. If you want this throughout the country, vote Democrat.

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The Spokesman
The Spokesman
3 years ago

Another mistake on Soros’s end and I tought he’s good with numbers.
For that, I don’t suggest death penalty for this Soros but life in jail and mathematics courses for him every day for 20 hours and the rest of 4 hrs for eating, sleep, sexy time with the inmates and torture.
After he finished 365,000 hours of math, or 50 years, the sentence can be reduced to 19.5 hours per day math courses. The rest of the 4.5 hrs will suffer small changes to less eating and only Monsanto products, less sleep, more sex with inmates(it can include oral and all kind including electric shocks) torture and vaccines program. The products as vaccines should either be Fauci’s or Gates’s brand with no animal trials. He will be the Guinea Pig. The only difference here is the “Guinea ” word because the “Pig” he already is one.
Any other suggestion is welcomed.

Just get out and vote America, these lizards only showed you the beginning of the ugly mess to follow.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

They are supporting anarchy, rebellions, attacks on families.