President to Review Case of War Hero Charged with 1st Degree Murder


The Army charged Decorated war hero, Green Beret Matt Golsteyn with First Degree Murder in the assassination of a Taliban bombmaker who killed two men in Golsteyn’s unit. The ‘murder’ took place in 2010, and years-long investigations ensued.

The case appeared to be over until Golsteyn applied for the CIA and appeared on Fox News in 2016. In both situations, he admitted to killing the bombmaker. That led to the re-opening of the case.

The army is currently accusing him of war crimes.

Fast Forward to this morning on Fox & Friends with Pete Hegseth and others where the case of Matthew Golsteyn was highlighted, first with an interview with his lawyer and then later, with his wife.

The lawyer gave a defense of the soldier for both character and innocence.

One interesting comment the lawyer made is that the military lied when they said Golsteyn tracked the bomb maker to his home where he murdered him. That lie continued until a CID agent admitted on the stand that it wasn’t true, and that has still not been corrected in the record.


We aren’t exactly sure what transpired, but we have reported on it several times based on information in The Army Times and other appropriate outlets. The following is from our 2016 report:

During an interview for a CIA position, Maj. Matt Golsteyn said the insurgent was a known maker of improvised explosive devices and was in the presence of such components. He considered him an armed combatant, so he shot him. Maj. Golsteyn’s explanation is contained in a CIA transcript obtained by The Washington Times.

The military is dealing with terrorists who are innocent villagers one day, and they are trying to kill them the next. It has been challenging for them in the field under these restrictive rules of engagement.

Thanks to the draconian rules of engagement implemented by then-President Barack Obama, however, once-decorated Army Maj. Mathew L. Golsteyn was forced to release the suspect.

“There are limits on how long you can hold guys,” he revealed five years later in a 2016 interview with Fox News host Brett Baier, before admitting that he then tracked down the suspect again.

Matthew Golsteyn was stripped of his Silver Star for killing a terrorist who was blowing up his men. After being punished, he is now being investigated again for talking about it on TV to Bret Baier though he said nothing new.

Testimony from Golsteyn and his men said the bomb maker had been detained and then released because he had no explosives on him.

Later Golsteyn, a Green Beret, came across him armed with a rifle and at a  compound devoted to IED-making and shot him, thinking he was following the rules of engagement since the bomb maker was armed and dangerous.

He knew the bomb maker had killed two people and was going to keep murdering people.

Maj. Golsteyn said:

“There are hundreds of dudes that are caught all the time. We caught probably close to that number and released every one of them because there’s no point in it [to] stop taking detainees. You know, I could have a guy that[‘s] standing, you know, a nice guy with a family standing against a wall pointing like, you know, just peeking out and like that guy cut off heads three weeks ago. He’s a Taliban tax collector, and this is what he’s doing, but I can’t do anything about that. With this guy in particular, with the IEDs, as they were, he was a combatant and was going to go right back to continue being a combatant. So by the letter of the law, I’m wrong, but he never stopped being a combatant.”

After all of his sacrifices and many gallant actions which won him several awards, he was separated with a general discharge under honorable conditions.

The Army Times reported that the major had earned a Bronze Star and Army Commendation Medal with “V” devices for heroism in earlier actions which were not taken from him.


After Pete Hegseth, a veteran and strong supporter of the military presented the Golsteyn case, President Trump tweeted that he would review the case.

Fox News is under attack by the Brock-Soros Media Matters for being a pipeline to the President, and they will undoubtedly use this against the President.



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