President Trump Comments on Lousy Bollard-Barrier Deal


President Trump said today he is going to build the wall and is currently building the wall in the face of opposition from a small group of people. He told reporters at today’s presser that he isn’t happy with the so-called border deal.  The wall allowed by the dealappears to be 55 miles of fence and bollard barriers.

The President said he is adding things to it and won’t say if he will sign or veto the proposal, but he will discuss it in a meeting later.

“I can’t say I’m happy. I can’t say I’m thrilled,” Trump told reporters during a Cabinet meeting.

The President does not want another shutdown and hopes there won’t be another one. If there is one, it will be the Democrats’ shutdown this time. He is currently finding money from other places and is using other methods. There are other things he has going.

There will be a “big, strong wall” that won’t let drug traffickers into our country, he said. What the Democrats have given us is “sad” and “they are hurting our country very badly,” he added.


  1. Trump can take for granted his support base only so long before it crumbles. Conservatives have been betrayed too many times. We want a real fighter. Talking is not nearly enough.

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